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If you Dream of These Animals, Expect Riches!If you Dream of These Animals, Expect Riches!
28 Nov.
Animals appear in our dreams to give us some kind of sign. For example, if you dream of a chameleon, this means that someone you know isn't being completely honest with you or is flat out lying. This same creature...
The Animal-Shaped Amulets that Give Women Superpowers! Carry Them with youThe Animal-Shaped Amulets that Give Women Superpowers! Carry Them with you
15 Dec.
Figurines of animals have been particularly revered, even by people in ancient times. Our ancestors believed that they not only personified the outer appearance of a given representative of the animal kingdom but also...
Elf Body Discovered in MexicoElf Body Discovered in Mexico
10 Oct.
researchers, the described entities are a type of humanoid, which possess an extra genome, that gives them paranormal abilities. In other versions, these beings were descendents of the Atlanteans, which in the 10th...
Five-Year-Old Telepath Can Read Mother's MindFive-Year-Old Telepath Can Read Mother's Mind
25 Nov.
likely cause of his supernatural abilities. Since he could not develop the ability to communicate the regular way with his mother, he has managed to generate a parallel, but also paranormal, connection to her. Even...
What is your Intellect Type?What is your Intellect Type?
09 Mar.
programmers. They feel in their element when it comes to numbers, logic and reasoning. To further your logical abilities, solve logic puzzles more often and study computer programs. Musical intellect is...
Numerology: Personal Number 7Numerology: Personal Number 7
04 Aug.
spiritual, and not in what they see as pointless social issues. These people want to find out as much as possible about the secrets and mysteries of our world. They are obsessed by the subject of the paranormal. They enjoy...
The Phenomenal Hunza - Humans or Extraterrestrials?The Phenomenal Hunza - Humans or Extraterrestrials?
24 Nov.
surrounding this people stem from the phenomenal abilities of the tribe. The Hunza have a perfect immunity against all types of diseases - no member of the tribe has ever suffered from cancer. The lifespan of the Hunza...
How to Recognize the Aliens Living Among usHow to Recognize the Aliens Living Among us
22 July
Besides humans and animals, there are also many other types of beings living on our planet that weren't born here. Examples are the mysterious beings that clairvoyant Doreen Virtue calls "star people". They have...
Donkeys Comforted a Depressed Female RhinocerosDonkeys Comforted a Depressed Female Rhinoceros
24 June
goat wound up in the non-profit organization Animal Place, which provides sanctuary to abused and mistreated animals, and the donkey was taken to a different shelter. The staff at Animal Place gave the goat time to...
10 Cats and Dogs of Magical Origin10 Cats and Dogs of Magical Origin
12 Apr.
Undoubtedly, pets magically mesmerize us with their mere presence. But some breeds of cats and dogs were literally thought to be of magical origin since ancient times. Learn about the 10 animals believed to have...
Facts and Myths about VampiresFacts and Myths about Vampires
30 Oct.
maintain its unnatural immortality, a vampire must drink blood regularly, preferably human blood. Some god-fearing vampires extend their existence by drinking the blood of animals, others are forced to hunt their own kind...
Talismans for CapricornTalismans for Capricorn
06 Nov.
stores as a spice, as well as ivy, hops and wormwood. A leaf from these plants or a few poppy seeds placed in a small box under the pillow will charge the Capricorn with energy and confidence in his own abilities...
Edgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Beliefs and ReadingsEdgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Beliefs and Readings
05 Aug.
inventories of abilities, dislikes and likes and even ones talents; also to work with meditation and dreams. Self hypnosis was also a popular recommendation. The concept of Cayce to believe in past lives was not so one...
Extraterrestrials are Killing Ufologists per ChecklistExtraterrestrials are Killing Ufologists per Checklist
16 Sept.
The extraterrestrials that are observing our planet don't seem to have good intentions for humanity at all, believe paranormal phenomena fans. The aliens have begun massively killing off ufologists, who had...
Pisces 2013 - Yearly HoroscopePisces 2013 - Yearly Horoscope
21 Dec.
. You may feel afraid of your own abilities, but Neptune and Jupiter will increase your luck, will provide prosperity and opportunities. Representatives of the Pisces star sign can expect positive emotions in...

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