Dreaming of water

Jana G.Jana G.
Dreaming of water

Water plays a huge role in the history of mankind. Whether it is a deep lake, a river flowing with furious force, or a vast ocean, water has always been friend and foe.

In dreams, water is a very strong character, often because its appearance coincides with the highest points of emotion. If one seeks relaxing, a river that runs through the meadow, enhances this effect.

If any characters in your dream engender a feeling of fear, Ocean storms will increase. Water has symbolic importance of primary element, whereby it ensures the existence of life or hides secrets and dangers.

Since ancient times the journey by water was one of the most dangerous, because the sea creatures, storms and other hardships would take many travelers.

Water in dreams is often a symbol of new life, restoration of power and energy. The water in controlled quantities and manageable environments always causes this feeling. It is the key to the solution.

To dream of a pond you see everywhere, or a river that is gone out of its banks, it is a manageable situation where water is present.

Thus presented, the water is a symbol of renewal. Whether you drink from the river or are on a boat in the lake, this is a sign of impending rest fromsevere work.

Uncontrolled water creates a feeling of anxiety. Roaring rivers, Endless Lakes reflect uncontrolled circumstances in which danger lies dormant.

Quiet deep water that looks refreshing, may also cause feelings of anxiety. The reason for this may be of danger potentially waiting at the bottom, and uncertainty.

If water comes out of your control in your dream, it means that you feel that you can not handle simple circumstances. Even worse is if the water suddenly disappears from the river or lake.

If another controls, in your dream, the movement of water, it means that your life is determined by another man who tries to command you in any situation.

Waves in dreams foreshadow significant step forward in the work that will bring you success, especially if the waves are transparent and light. But if they are violent, it predicts that it will be a serious and possibly fatal error.