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The First Animal you See Reveals your Personality! A Unique Test

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Animal Test

Every individual has their own qualities, characteristics and quirks. The combination of these define their personality and distinguish them from others.

There's one specific trait in each of us that provides us individuality. In the eyes of others, some like to prove themselves as having a strong character, while others prefer to be the peacekeepers. All of these qualities are imbued in us from our very birth.

The various characteristics and qualities in a person become apparent when they react to different situations in life. To find out your personality type, take this quick test. Look at the picture above and take note of the first animal you manage to make out.

Each of them has a different meaning that will help identify your personality. Next, find out the meaning of the animal below.

1. Stallion


You are a decisive person. You always see the big picture. Creative and strong, you know what you want out of life and fight for it. In short - you're active, filled with energy, intelligent.

2. Rooster


You're an elegant, down-to-earth person that definitely knows how to make it on their own. In certain situations, you can appear to be calm and harmless. But if a conflicting situation arises where you have to defend yourself, you know how to do that as well.

3. Swallow


By nature, you're a pleasant individual. You always try to be calm and happy. You strive to bring the stress in your life down to a minimum and make others feel comfortable in your company because you're emotionally stable. Creative, insightful, full of life and imagination - you're all of these.

4. Crab


A particularly loyal person. No matter how hard you look on the outside, deep inside you're as soft as cotton. You always put yourself second. Your main priority is your loved ones. Your needs don't matter at all when you're helping others. You have a huge heart and never stop caring for your family and loved ones.

5. Praying Mantis


Extremely tolerant and sensitive by nature - just like the praying mantis. You're a reliable and educated person. You know how to assert yourself and always listen to your inner voice. You're spontaneous at times. Whenever someone allows themselves to hurt you they may be left with the impression that you're going to let it pass. But your vengeance comes without warning. All of your senses are razor sharp.

6. Wolf


Wolves are independent creatures, regardless if living in a pack or alone. If this is the first animal you spotted, then you know how to be independent. You're not afraid of large crowds, quite the contrary - you wade through them with remarkable confidence and demonstrative strength. All in all - you're fearless. Sometimes the loneliness can become a bit too much for you but you know how to deal with it.

7. Dog


You're loyal, wild and brave, just like the dog. You know how to love. You're an independent person who values family above all else. Loyal and caring, you always treat others the way they've treated you. You're a happy person.

8. Eagle


You're a free, untamed person with a keen intuition and clear goals. You're focused on the things you want and are determined to get them. You've been gifted with a strong personality and always stand by the decisions you make.

9. Pigeon


You're a peace-loving, good, beautiful, joyous and patient person. You're capable of remaining calm in every single situation. Charming by nature, you know that quarrels and hostilities don't solve problems. You sincerely believe in peace.

10. Butterfly


It bespeaks of beauty and change. You're pure, magnificent and flexible. You easily adapt to every circumstance and situation. You believe in the power of change and make corrections where you feel them necessary. Your life is a series of colors and chaos. Your personality is a vibrant one and this attracts people to you.