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Find out your Mission in Life Based on your Guardian Animal

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You've probably heard that every person has a guardian angel keeping track of whether they're carrying out their life's mission. In some occult practices, they link the guardian angel to certain animals that we must learn from.

To find out your guardian animal, take a peek below. Depending on the week of the month you were born in you can determine what lesson you'll need to learn during your lifetime.

Every soul is born with specific knowledge from its past lives but there are also experiences they must not avoid. We're here to learn something new we hadn't known before and not just rely on the same old qualities over and over.

People born during the 1st week, between the 1st and 7th

Individuals born during this period are looked after by the bear. Their thoughts are rampant, yet their energy is low, which is why others describe them as quite lazy. Their soul is learning strength and confidence. They must take on leadership roles and not be afraid of adventures. Their mission is to lead those around them, while simultaneously remaining close enough to the ground that they're not influenced by stressful situations.

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People born during the 2nd week, between the 8th and 14th

Those born in this period are watched over by the horse. They're passionate by nature, with an intense need for achievements. You don't need to motivate them because every new beginning is plenty stimulation enough for them to pour all of their energy into a project. However, their mission in this life is to learn to balance intuition and logic. They must not let themselves be led only by their strong emotions and spontaneous desires but learn to delve into every situation using facts and explanations.

People born during the 3rd week, between the 15th and 21st

Persons born during this period are looked after by the hawk. They are open-minded and can easily step aside from a given situation in order to gain a wider perspective before deciding anything. Their life mission is to learn a connection with the spiritual world. Focus on sharpening your instincts and try to rely on your intuition more often.

People born during the 4th week, between the 22nd and 31st

If you were born during the 4th week of the month, you're watched over by the deer. You're extremely sensitive and intuitive, while your desire for growth never does harm to others. You easily trust your instincts and allow them to lead you in tense situations. Your life mission is to learn strength and certainty in your thoughts. You need to develop your compassionate side and be more observant.