King of Rats

Nina NordNina Nord
King of Rats

Very little about it is known, but during the Middle Ages it was famous - the mysterious king of rats. This is not fiction or mystification, there is evidence that it exists.

In fact, the king of the rats were several rats that have grown into one, by their tails. In "The Nutcracker" Hoffman, king of rats, was with three heads.

The critter is a terrible creature borrowed from medieval German legends Based on real facts. There are over sixty documentaries confirmed such findings in rats.

For centuries scientists have wondered how it was possible to show such a strange creature. Rats are growing with their tails in the womb of their mother and happens to birth knotted seven pups to one another.

For obvious reasons these rats could not move. But they do not need it because the other rats wear them on their backs and regularly feed and water them.

The most aggressive rats are subjects to the king. But he would die without obeying the other rats. If you hold such a symbiosis of several rats, they refuse to eat and die in proud solitude.

In the Middle Ages it was believed that this creature is assistant to the devil himself, has enormous power and strength, can sow plague, famine and natural disasters.

At that time it was thought that the king of rats can be turned into a man and fulfill desires. Who finds king of rats in the house or basement, was always despised by society.

At the same time everyone can go to worship the King of Rats, if he wants to have a fulfilled desire. As a rule, however, anyone who finds such a creature in your home, destroy it immediately, not to cause ill-treatment of others.