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Symbolism of Tattoos

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Up until just a few years ago, tattoos were part of an eccentric fashion that only the most adventurous tried out. Today, almost every other person has a tattoo - a beautiful, strange, curious, funny, fun or memorable one.

One of the trends is to have wise or thought-provoking quotes. They tell us about the nature of the person or were simply liked by them. Often however, we see symbols, drawings and hieroglyphs, which tell us even more with their hidden messages.

Mystical signs

Tattooed mystical signs and ornaments on the body tell us that the person who chose them has particular faith. It doesn't necessarily have to do with God - they can believe in good or simply in occultism. If one chooses a tattoo that shows a cross, boundlessness or eternity, they have a particularly powerful spirit and a belief in power, balance or something personal.

Tribal tattoos


Tattoos, labeled as "tribal", are modern assemblages that decorate arms, shoulders, chests, backs and legs. They gained much popularity, after a number of famous persons, such as Pamela Anderson and Mike Tyson had them done. Similar tattoos are worn by people who have an eccentric view on life, that love to be the center of attention. They act only based on their heart's desire, not based on reason and do not like to play by anyone else's rules.


When tattooing Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian or other types of hieroglyphs, we enter the world of the unknown. They hold a hidden meaning about something that we believe in or want to happen in our lives, and others simply do not understand this. Located on any part of the male and female body, they are a symbol of power, faith, courage, love, beauty, friendship. It is important to be sure that the tattoo artist has written the correct sign.

Symbolism of tattoos

Egyptian symbols

The eye of Ra is the most common Egyptian symbol tattooed on the body. In general, it is believed that Egyptian symbols bring luck, wisdom, prosperity and security.

Color tattoos

These are chosen by very artistic persons, that have the soul of a poet, artist, dancer and even a musician. They are ambitious and extremely goal-oriented. The purpose of the color tattoo is to attract attention. In this way, the person reveals that they care much about other people's positive opinion of them.

Flowers and floral motifs

Colorful and bright motifs in tattoos are quite popular among women. They look impressive but are very soft, delicate and beautiful at the same time, on ladies' bodies. They are chosen based on the symbolism of each flower, which is strictly personal. For example, the orchid represents beauty, friendship and love and the lotus - purity, intelligence and wisdom.