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Dreaming of Aliens

Dreaming of Aliens

If you see aliens in your dream, this is a sign that in the near future you expect nice things, and this will be done in an incredible way that will seem mysterious and inexplicable. Things will develop in your favor.

Aggressive aliens in your dream are a sign that your enemies have intensified and soon you should expect that they will attack you.

If you see a friendly alien in your dream who does not want to harm you, this is a sign that you will soon get help from old friends.

Dreams of aliens generally reflect your subconscious’ anticipation of upcoming changes in your life. Dreams in which you communicate with aliens and even get along with them, are a symbol that you will be able to finish the job which you are tasked with.

If your dream of going into the alien ship and quietly communicate with them, is a sign that the abilities that you suspect that you have will help you soon solve a difficult situation.

To dream that an alien spacecraft descends to the ground, means you need a serious change in your life. This shows your great need of love, which is most likely not being received in the required amount.

To dream that you witness the crash of a spacecraft, means that your enemies have set a trap for you, they may play a practical joke on you.

If your dream of controlling a spacecraft, it means that in real life you tend to overplay your abilities and that will affect both your work and relationships with loved ones.

Reflect soberly and evaluate real situations to be able to always leave a winner from them.

If your dream of an alien trying to kill you, it means that your work is in serious danger of failure. If an alien kills a close person in your dream, it means that they may have serious problems and it is good to try to help them.



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05.09.2013 15:16
i even dream of my crush
25.04.2013 12:05
I just woke from a dream. Disturbing and so real. I looked in the sky and there were these massive machines hovering in the sky. They were kinda just scoping my town out. Then they began blowing things and people up. One of the machines actually descended down and crashed right through a building. A bunch of us hid in a nearby bar, and as I ran inside, this UFO spotted me and tried to destroy me with like these weird lasers that were different colors. i remembered that my son was at the babysitters, I called,there was no answer, so I borrowed a friends truck and went to look for him.. funny thing is, my son is almost 18, but in my dream he was just a toddler.. This is not by far the first time I have had "Flying Machine" dreams. I do not watch those kind of movies, so why would I dream this? They are so vivid, and so frightening.