Can Colors Heal?Can Colors Heal?
22 Jan.
The test is based on the principle "I like it/don't like it" - there are 8 squares all containing a different color - from the most pleasant to the most repulsive. 4 of the colors - dark blue, blue-green, orange-red and light...
Dreams can predict future diseasesDreams can predict future diseases
12 Mar.
Subconsciousness begins to actively analyze information that has accumulated during the day, and most important is that it processes and analyzes what the mind has missed....
What Our Favorite Colors RevealWhat Our Favorite Colors Reveal
16 Oct.
One's favorite color often shows exactly what type of energy they need in order to maintain their inner balance....
What Magical Properties Do Colors Possess?What Magical Properties Do Colors Possess?
13 Mar.
Nonetheless it's good to know what unusual powers the colors have, according to our ancestors. For you we've chosen curious facts about the most popular colors....
How to Save Ourselves from MisfortuneHow to Save Ourselves from Misfortune
15 Oct.
Never complain about being unlucky out loud in front of others. The old saying teaches us not to mention a disease by its name, so it doesn't think that we are welcoming it. The same goes for misfortune....
How to Save Ourselves from Chronic NightmaresHow to Save Ourselves from Chronic Nightmares
09 Dec.
Certain medications or bodily diseases are other main sources. According to Pietrowsky, the best therapy for saving ourselves from nightmares is by interpreting them....
Tea saves us from nightmaresTea saves us from nightmares
22 Jan.
This amazing natural potion, which is prepared from leaves, buds, flowers and fruits of certain plants helps against many diseases....
Everyone Can Now View Earth from SpaceEveryone Can Now View Earth from Space
08 May
Anyone who is curious will have a view toward Earth from onboard the International Space Station, since live streaming on the Internet is now fact....
What can we do with conscious dreams?What can we do with conscious dreams?
19 May
What is identity, what is reality, who or what is \"conscious\" in a conscious dream?...
Underground Luxury Apartments to Save us from the ApocalypseUnderground Luxury Apartments to Save us from the Apocalypse
27 Nov.
From time to time we get predictions about the end of the world and even if so far they have not come true, there are people who worry that the apocalypse is coming....
Eureka! Mutant Enzyme to Save our Planet from PlasticEureka! Mutant Enzyme to Save our Planet from Plastic
20 Apr.
Perhaps it will even save the world. An international team of scientists has accidentally discovered a mutant industrial enzyme that has the most amazing ability - to break down plastic....
What color hair goes with green eyesWhat color hair goes with green eyes
07 Oct.
Choose your hair color based on what you are trying to achieve and how long you want your color to stay....
Cat Saves Child from a Fierce DogCat Saves Child from a Fierce Dog
12 July
A house cat saved a 4-year-old child from a fierce dog in the California city of Bakersfield, reported the press. The child was riding his bicycle, when a ferocious dog suddenly threw itself at him....
Laugh, so I Can Tell you What you're LikeLaugh, so I Can Tell you What you're Like
18 Aug.
Laughter is good for your health, it is a sign of a lively spirit and good mood. It also turns out that you can find a great deal about someone's personality based on their laughter. If you still do not recognize...
Your Shoes Reveal What you can Expect in LoveYour Shoes Reveal What you can Expect in Love
01 June
What matters is that the shoe has a dominating color of the ones listed. After you've obtained shoes in the aforementioned colors, stand in the middle of the room and arrange them all around you, all mixed up....