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The Colors Around us Pinpoint our Problems

Antonia R.Antonia R.

In color psychology it is said that besides having a certain symbolism which can be interpreted, colors can also signalize about the problems we ignore.

At the very beginning of their sessions, color therapy experts show a keen interest regarding the colors of the surrounding environment of a given person, in order to interpret the signals the Universe is giving as correctly as possible.

The experts are categorical that the emotional state of a person can clearly be judged based on the colors that dominate in their daily life.

We know that our favorite color can reveal much about our character, but the colors we choose subconsciously also bespeak of our nature.


Every color around us radiates a certain energy, which tells us the direction in which we need to change our life and where to direct our energy.

Look around. If the color yellow is predominant around you, it means that you have need of more social contacts. Persons who see yellow around themselves are responsible in their profession but often experience an inexplicable feeling of guilt.

Yellow also signalizes of future problems with the digestive system, so you are advised to get a check-up even if you're not experiencing any stomach issues.

If blue is the color that dominates in your life, it indicates that you are not dedicating yourself enough to the spiritual.


You are being consumed by the material things around you or are giving in to addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Blue points out that you need to rethink your values and spend a little more time alone.

If you frequently see the color white around you it illustrates that you're happy with the present. White reveals harmony, hope and confidence in a fulfilling daily routine.

The color black is linked with sadness, sorrow, grief and is a sign that you need to make a radical change in your life. You need to get rid of everything that's making you miserable and continue forward.

The color green in the daily life of a person shows their emotional instability. If you frequently see this color around you, you must try to balance your energy and be independent from others.