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Our Pets Prevent us from Sleeping Well


Pets prevent their owners from sleeping well - it turns out that 1 out of every 2 pet owners does not get enough sleep. Usually the reason for this is that the animals wake them way too early.

Pet owners complain that they lose at least an hour and a half of sleep because their pet begins to scratch, meow, bark or simply jumps onto their bed and wakes them up outright. A study was held in Great Britain, with 1000 pet owners participating.

The results showed that 54% of them complained that their pet caused them way too much stress.

They explained that their pets were generally obedient and did not make messes at all. Their only grievance was getting up at least 90 min. before the alarm.

Not all pet owners had this problem - for 47% of the surveyed, the biggest problem they had with their pet was the meowing or barking.

In 2nd place came the scratching on the door, which both cats and dogs are equally skilled at. 28% of the people surveyed shared that their pets began a different sort of attack if they could not successfully wake up their owners.


Most often, the furry little friends jumped up to where their owners were sleeping, begging for food or trying to cuddle with them, which of course, woke them up completely.

For 22% of the ones surveyed, getting up in the morning very often turned into a small nightmare - they shared that their furry pets went up on top of them almost every night in the late hours, with the goal of trying to get them to get up. Only 3% of the questioned Britons complained of being bitten or scratched during the night.

Other unpleasant habits are the wild running around the living room and speed laps around the apartment, which are especially inherent in cats.

Last but not least, cat and dog owners find it irritating when their pet sits on their face while they are still trying to sleep.

Of course, all those who have a hard time getting enough sleep because of their pets must not forget that they have brought the animal to their home of their own free will.

And if ultimately they look on the bright side of things, they will realize that their pets are actually caring for them by not giving them the chance to sleep through their day.