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Underground Luxury Apartments to Save us from the Apocalypse


From time to time we get predictions about the end of the world and even if so far they have not come true, there are people who worry that the apocalypse is coming.

A construction company has taken care of the fears of such people - The Survival Condo Project is actually a project for luxury apartments, located more than 164 ft (50 m) underground.

The project is located near Concordia, Kansas, and the company which built the condos claims that they can withstand a nuclear bomb, reports Business Insider. Anyone who wishes to buy a unit will have to spend big - 920 sq. ft - 1840 sq. ft units run between $1.5 million - $3 million.

The 1st set of luxury apartments have already been sold - one of the proud owners of an underground living facility is Tyler Allen, who owns a nightclub and sports bar. The 45-year-old man explains that he's bought the condo due to the growing threat of natural disasters, health pandemics and terrorist attacks.

Since the entire condo complex has already been sold out, entrepreneur Larry Hall has begun building a second one - he clarifies that the apartments were built in a former missile silo. Hall claims that his residences can survive all types of cataclysms, including a nuclear bomb, plus the complex is under constant video surveillance.


One of the main reasons why the condo prices are so high is the level of luxury that Hall's company offers. The complex has 2 entrance doors, each one weighing more than 7 tons.

It has also been given due consideration that people who find themselves 164 ft under ground after an apocalypse will have the need to do something. Which is why the complex has a pool and movie theater, spa, fitness center, pet park, medical center.

In addition, each home is fully equipped - the kitchens have a dishwasher, drier. Each apartment also has a 50-inch TV and 5-year supply of storable food.

The apartments themselves come in half-floor and full-floor units. The full-floor units are 1840 sq. ft and can have up to 10 people living in them. The half-floor units are much more unassuming - just 920 sq. ft. Those allow for up to 5 people to live in.

The bedrooms contain large closets. There are no windows, instead there are videos screens that can have the images on them changed by the people living there.