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Tea saves us from nightmares

Tea saves us from nightmares

One of the many benefits for our body is a regular consumption of tea. This amazing natural potion, which is prepared from leaves, buds, flowers and fruits of certain plants helps against many diseases. It has been proven that infusions of black tea leads to melting of fat and is an excellent way to maintain a good figure.

According to recent studies regular consumption of green or black tea helps us not to dream nightmares. According to medical studies of Japanese people who drink one or more cups of tea a day , 50 percent were less likely to wake up at night due to a nightmare.

The reason for the favorable effect of tea infusions on the nervous system of humans lies in teanin amino acid which is contained in the leaves. The teanin has a soothing effect on the brain by reducing levels of stress and anxiety and lower the maximum limits.

Tea saves us from nightmares

The results of the Japanese leads experts to suggest that representatives of the female sex dream 80% more often of nightmares than men. Predisposed to poor sleep are mostly people who go to bed before midnight. Those of us who get out of bed early, before 6.30 am are to a large extent also in danger of unsound sleep.

If you wake up in the wee hours because of bad dreams, a bedtime drink of green tea in combination with some cinnamon will help as the combination has proved a calming effect on the organism.