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Laptops Prevent us from Sleeping Well

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There's no doubt about the fact that the lack of a good night's sleep leads to numerous negative consequences for the human body. Sleep is the body's recharger, and in order for the body to function at full capacity, it needs to get plenty of quality sleep.

One after the other, studies made by experts prove the good and bad sides to modern society's effect on the wellness of our sleep.

Yet another serious proof of the negative influence of modern technology on people's sleep is now fact.

According to scientific research, users of modern computer technology, and more specifically laptops, cannot enjoy a good night's sleep if their favorite gadgets are near them or are on.

Scientists are adamant that in order for a person to enjoy a calm and satisfying sleep, they must sleep in an area where no computer is on.


The laptop, which is normally something that the modern man would feel lost without, must be turned off at least 2 hours before we go to bed and wrap ourselves in our blankets. Any interactive devices must also be at a decent distance from you.

According to deep research by American researchers, laptops have the ability to disorient the human brain. They are extremely harmful for a good sleep, mainly because they give off a bright light which tricks our consciousness.

All modern electronics - laptops and iPads, have a similar effect and influence. These electronic devices fool our brain into thinking that it is still day and thus help to increase our chances of suffering from insomnia.

To overcome insomnia and let our brain get a good sleep, experts recommend reading a pleasant book instead of working on a laptop 2 hours before we go to bed, which easily provides rest for our brain and sets a bedtime mood.