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How to Save Ourselves from Misfortune

Jana G.Jana G.

Misfortune is a peculiar energy, which repels favorable situations and leads to such circumstances where, no matter how long a person has been moving forward, disappointment will be waiting for them at the end.

For some people this is simply a way of life. They encounter their misfortune daily - if they find clothing that they like, it won't be available in their size. If they stand in line for something, it will run out right before it's their turn to buy.

Misfortune is like a disease. As such, it has symptoms. One of them is if you are constantly throwing away food products at home, especially bread.

Positive Thinking

In ancient times, bread was a favored item, which aided in calling the spirits of fortune. That's why bread should never be thrown out, or be allowed to mold.

A home should never be without bread overnight. This is not only related to misfortune but foreshadows poverty. Another main symptom of misfortune are the words which we use.

If at home you often hear the words "poverty" and "there is none", the misfortune will linger for a very long time. Use positive words in your everyday life, so as to drive away the bad luck.

Never complain about being unlucky out loud in front of others. The old saying teaches us not to mention a disease by its name, so it doesn't think that we are welcoming it.


The same goes for misfortune. If we are constantly complaining that things aren't working out, luck will slip away from us more and more. If someone calls you a jinx, you must tell them that the bad luck is coming from them, in a joking manner of course, so you don't hurt their feelings.

Always look at events from their positive side. You can find something good even in the most unpleasant situation. If you get fired - don't whine, but rejoice, for new opportunities for development await you.

If you break up with your beloved, take it as a lesson about what not to do next time, so you don't separate. Also look at it as a chance for a new relationship, which may bring you only delightful moments.

Believe in your own good luck and soon it will find you. The more positive and good-humored you are, the longer good fortune will stay with you.