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Our Pets Shield us from Evil

Antonia R.Antonia R.

It is a widespread belief, that pets can protect us from negative energy, dark forces and evil people.

It is believed that cats and dogs are the first to sense a person that crosses the threshold into your home.

Animals react immediately when they sense negative energy, intentions for theft or evil.

It is not stated without reason, that people who love animals are good, because this love ennobles them.

Prophets and clairvoyants have recommended having at least one pet in your home.

Cats have the incredible ability to sense negative energy.

The appearance of evil spirits frightens animals and makes them aggressive.

Cats are sensitive to any changes in the energy field and can protect their owners from numerous diseases.

Black cat

Since ancient times, it has been believed that cats can connect with the spirit world. They often become aggressive or growl at empty air because they see things invisible to human eyes.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats because they believed that they were incarnations of the goddess Bastet. The punishment for killing a cat was death, while often cats that died were mummified in the same manner as humans.

Dogs are seen as guardians of the home.

In ancient times, the howling of a dog at night or its sudden appearance in the home were seen as a foreshadowing of a sudden unexpected death or huge misfortune.

According to beliefs, to see a dog late at night means that you will have bad luck for a period of time.


In Slavic legends, black dogs were thought to be the only creatures that could predict death. The myths state that a black dog would secretly circle around the house or lay by the threshold of a person who would die days later.

This gave rise to the belief that neither evil spirits, nor witches, nor sorcerers could hide from a black dog.

Based on ancient beliefs, a person could also gain the supernatural powers of a dog if they ate the tongue of the animal.

German myths state that if a dog jumps over the body of a dead person, he will turn into a vampire.