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What We Like Seems Closer to us

Nina NordNina Nord

We always think we see things as they are. But according to the latest psychological studies made by scientists from New York and Cornell Universities it becomes clear that our desires affect our view of the world.

For example, the things we would like to have seem closer than they actually are in reality. The proximity of the goal provokes us to do things to get us even closer to fulfilling our desire.

The scientists conducted several experiments. In the 1st one, participants had to judge how far away a bottle of water was from them. But before that, they were divided into 2 groups, with one of these not being allowed to drink any water.


Those not allowed to drink water also had to eat crackers and, naturally, became thirsty. They saw the bottle much closer to them than the individuals from the other group. Strong desire also changes behavior.

During a 2nd experiment, scientists put savings coupons valued at $25 and $0 on the floor. The volunteers had to aim and throw a rattle onto the coupons.

When they aimed at the $25 coupons, they would throw the rattle much closer to themselves than the target. These data indicate that when we strongly desire something we see it almost next to us.

Scientists say that this optical illusion aims to get us to use all of our power to reach the desired goal faster.