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What Our Favorite Colors Reveal

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Color Symbolism

Each and every color has its own symbolism, weight, value, implication, emotional burden or religious beliefs.

It has been proven that colors can affect a person optically, physically and emotionally.

Physical effects depend on the saturation of the color, the amount of time spent viewing it, characteristics of the nervous system, the age and sex of the person.

The color red excites the nervous system, increases breathing rate and activates muscle function.

The color orange excites the hearing center of the brain.


Each color gives rise to certain emotions, depending on its optical properties.

On an associative level, people perceive the energy of the color that is in front of them.

One's favorite color often shows exactly what type of energy they need in order to maintain their inner balance.

Colors use two languages - conscious (the language of energy) and subconscious (the language of symbols), which can be used to manipulate them.

The color red embodies energy, activity and passion. It is the favorite of strong-willed, brave and curious persons. These types of people are quite social, benevolent and sincere, but they can also easily explode.


The color pink embodies romance and tenderness. It is most prized by those who are seeking love. Often, these people are sentimental, frivolous and immature.

The color blue is the color of infinity and introspection. Blue is preferred by those who seek peace. They are introverted, shy and tend to self-analyze.

The color green symbolizes stability and confidence. It is chosen by people who pursue leadership and authority. These types of people are persistent, meticulous and friendly.

The color yellow signifies intellect, spontaneity and intuition. Yellow is chosen by unusual, independent and optimistic individuals. Most often they are impatient and lack succession.


The color purple gives rise to creative and sorrowful feelings. It is loved by those seeking harmony. They are emotional, delicate and have a rich imagination.

The color white traditionally symbolizes innocence and purity. White is beloved by people who are looking for freedom. These types of people are able to avoid trouble but are very boring.

The color black personifies the hidden, mysterious, even the sinister. Black is selected by individuals who are lacking something. They tend to gravitate toward negativism, have a difficult time sharing and are quite secretive.

The color grey exemplifies neutrality. It is picked out by those who want to be isolated. It is preferred by prudent and cautious persons, who do not show their emotions.