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Nine Bad Habits That Can Kill us


The brain is a structure which is under the influence of many external and internal factors, without us even realizing it. Its function depends on the food we eat, our daily life, as well as the extent to which we use it. All of this determines the development of our mental capabilities.

Researchers define our way of life as a factor of higher or lower intelligence, and bad habits - as a way to kill our own brain cells. Let us look at which human activities can kill it.

High blood sugar is considered a factor which dumbs us down. It has been stated that overeating, problems with learning, memory and depression are a result of the consumption of way too much sugar. The truth is that it would be very difficult for a person to calculate how much sugar they take in since it is contained in various products in different forms.

But experts advise to reduce its intake to a minimum and to avoid sweet foods and drinks. In addition, foods that increase cholesterol in the blood must also be avoided because they can lead to the development of atherosclerosis (constriction of the blood vessels due to the accumulation of fatty deposits) and from there, to cardiovascular diseases as well.


Another factor, which is unfortunately difficult to circumvent, is a life in a highly polluted environment. Pollution of the air drains its oxygen levels, which with time hinders the functioning of brain cells. Polluted air prevents the flow of oxygen to the brain and thus its cognitive function is decreased, plus physical changes may occur as well.

The one thing that the 21st century promotes with full swing is the inability to get a good night's sleep, which leads to brain damage. Normally, sleep is the time when the body and its cells regenerate, including those of the brain. Not only is long-term sleep deprivation dangerous but short-term is as well. Doctors recommend an average sleep duration of between 7.5 to 8 hours, so that the body can recover.

And another socially significant problem is also a culprit for brain damage, and that is the consumption of unhealthy food, low in nutrients. Cells don't get the required building blocks and slowly die. This also leads to weight gain, linked to the loss of physical and mental energy.

Unhealthy Eating

Here it is important, besides changing the way we eat to include the intake of healthy foods, not to skip morning breakfast. Many people do it, which turns out to be not at all healthy. The days without breakfast lower blood sugar levels in the body which leads to the absence of nutrients for many crucial organs. A breakfast rich in proteins and vitamins is recommended.

We all know that time and daily exercises are needed to achieve the perfect figure, accompanied with the tightening of the body and shaping of the muscles. This applies to the brain as well; if we do not exercise it regularly, do not learn new things every day, the brain loses its thinking capabilities.

Of course, the overuse of alcohol and tobacco has an exceptionally negative effect. It has been proven that smoking leads to dementia, while alcohol causes neuroinflammation, in turn leading to damage of the brain cells, including the development of multiple sclerosis. Alcohol in large quantities brings about structural changes in the brain, as well as a decrease of its volume.