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Magic Rituals for Finding Lost PropertyMagic Rituals for Finding Lost Property
15 June
you'll find the item you're searching for. And another thing! In order for these 2 rituals to have an effect, you need to really believe in their power. If you're skeptical or perform them as a joke, don't expect real results. You need to be completely calm and confident in what you're doing in order for it to work....
Magic Rituals for Rejuvenation and BeautificationMagic Rituals for Rejuvenation and Beautification
27 Feb.
rituals. We'd like to share some of these here with you today. One of the old beliefs calls for washing oneself with March snow, which was considered a ritual for rejuvenation. To perform it, it is best that you...
History of Love RitualsHistory of Love Rituals
22 Dec.
good health. One of the oldest rituals that showed whether a partner loves us, was the picking off of daisy petals. This widely spread ritual shows whether the feelings are mutual, as the answer to the question...
The Wicked Rituals Once Practiced on All Hallows' EveThe Wicked Rituals Once Practiced on All Hallows' Eve
31 Oct.
children. These sinister rituals were described in detail by the first monks who came to Ireland to preach Christianity....
Before a Trip: Magic Rituals for Success and Well-BeingBefore a Trip: Magic Rituals for Success and Well-Being
31 Aug.
are several rituals for luck that you can perform. Below you'll find the proposals of experienced esoterics. Perform them before every trip to guarantee a worry-free vacation. And don't forget that even if...
Rituals for Love and Luck on New Year's EveRituals for Love and Luck on New Year's Eve
31 Dec.
everything anew. This is why numerous rituals and superstitions for love and luck on New Year's Eve have become ingrained in society, and it never hurts to observe them, even if you are among the skeptics who believe...
Rituals for Clearing up the Karma Between Loved OnesRituals for Clearing up the Karma Between Loved Ones
11 Mar.
toward a better world would be to first clear up the karma between loved ones. This will change the world. Depending on the relationship that exists between the individuals, spiritualists do specific rituals for...
New Year's Rituals and Superstitions: Paint the Front Door RedNew Year's Rituals and Superstitions: Paint the Front Door Red
31 Dec.
Typically, we all wish each other happiness, luck, love and money for the New Year. To make these wishes come true, each country has its own rituals that its citizens carry out on New Year's Eve. In...
Cannibalistic Rituals of the AztecsCannibalistic Rituals of the Aztecs
25 Feb.
The Aztecs sowed horror with their horrific rituals, which were entirely religious-based. According to archaeological and historical research, the Aztecs did not perform cannibalistic rituals to feed themselves...
Rituals That Help In Finding LoveRituals That Help In Finding Love
08 Nov.
There is a huge difference between magic and rituals. A ritual is more of a pagan belief, that has been underpinned only by folk legends and real life events throughout mankind's thousands of years of history...
Strange burial rituals from around the worldStrange burial rituals from around the world
03 Dec.
Malagasians, who live on the island of Madagascar, sometimes danced with the spirits of their dead beloveds. According to ancient legend, the spirit of the dead returns as soon the corpse decomposes. So, the second...
A Ritual for Finding your Dream JobA Ritual for Finding your Dream Job
30 June
Finding a suitable job is certainly no easy task. Try as we might, we don't always succeed in finding the most appropriate job for ourselves. Despite this, we must not despair, for there are certain rituals that...
Magic Ritual for Attracting Love with a TubeMagic Ritual for Attracting Love with a Tube
16 Feb.
Magic rituals for love and attraction are some of the most difficult to execute but also the most effective. The ritual that uses a magic tube promises the best results, as it is the most potent and enduring...
The secret of the living deadThe secret of the living dead
12 Feb.
us with glazed eyes ... \" Describes a British doctor in the early twentieth century of the ritual to revive the dead in Tahiti. Since then, voodoo rituals occupy an important place in literature. But art distorts...
The Aztecs at the main deity was that of dreamsThe Aztecs at the main deity was that of dreams
26 Apr.
In North America the Aztecs had special rooms for dreams. The elders of the tribe interpreted dreams, which were received during rituals and in accordance with various claims. The language of the Indians, Shaman, means...

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