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Before a Trip: Magic Rituals for Success and Well-Being


If you're a fan of long vacations, exploring new cultures and adventuring, you probably start off for your next adventure at breakneck speed every time. You grab your bags and try to get out of the house as fast as possible.

But you soon realize that you have once again forgotten something, messed up your hotel reservation or your enthusiasm darkens due to some other unforeseen circumstances. To avoid these kinds of failures, there are several rituals for luck that you can perform.

Below you'll find the proposals of experienced esoterics. Perform them before every trip to guarantee a worry-free vacation.

And don't forget that even if things don't quite go according to your expectations, your mood still depends entirely on you. Don't let bad weather or other unexpected circumstances ruin your vacation.

1. If you're a woman, straighten out your hair with a comb. Then place it under your pillow and sleep with it there.

2. Before you leave for your trip, kiss the edge of a table.


3. Be sure to clean your home before you leave. If you leave it messy and dirty, you will only have a ton of negative energy to come back to.

4. Before you leave, place bonbons, gum or other goodies with which to "bribe" benign spirits in a bowl on the table. That way they'll take care of your home while you're away.

5. Never have heavy foods for breakfast on the day you're leaving. Instead choose fresh and varied fruits.

6. Don't be tempted to drink alcohol before you leave. Drinks containing ginger, mint, lemon, orange are a better alternative.

7. Always take a cup with you, even if it's a plastic one.

8. Avoid conflicts and negative emotions prior to a flight. If this happens, meditate or read a prayer in order to cleanse yourself of the negative.