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Rituals for Love and Luck on New Year's Eve

New Year's

As the year draws to a close, we assess everything we've achieved in the past 365 days. We wish for more luck, to find our true love, settle down, have a long-awaited child or simply for our business to get going and our efforts to pay off.

The night of December 31 going on January 1 symbolically puts an end not only to another year of our life but the luck that's been with us so far and gives us the opportunity to start everything anew.

Fortune Pie

This is why numerous rituals and superstitions for love and luck on New Year's Eve have become ingrained in society, and it never hurts to observe them, even if you are among the skeptics who believe only in science and deny mysticism and miracles.

If you desire to be lucky in love in the new year and share joyous moments with your partner then you need to be careful who you kiss and hug on New Year's Eve.

Your luck is guaranteed if you hug and kiss those you truly love right at midnight. However, it's best to say cheers from a distance to those you don't like.

To promote welfare and luck in everything business-related, you need to serve meat dishes at the dining table; additionally, the meat must come from a bird.

Christmas Tree

The Americans provide a prime example of this, always serving the traditional roasted turkey on the big-name holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving).

Your first guest of the year, who steps over the threshold after midnight, will have an influence on your life during the next 365 days, so it's best not to open the door for petty, arrogant, impudent, obnoxious people, even if they happen to be close relatives.

Your luck will be guaranteed if you welcome in the New Year while wearing bright red, new underwear. And while you're putting on your new red bikini or boxers, don't forget to put money in all the wallets, as well as jackets that you own, so that you're lucky not only in love but financially as well.

Last but not least, don't clean, wash or throw away anything from your home on January 1st because this puts your health at risk and you may in a sense throw away your luck out the door (and not for a brief time either).