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Rituals for Clearing up the Karma Between Loved Ones


The intensity of the modern world creates a toxic environment, which piles up layer upon layer of negative energy on our karma. Spiritualists point to this as the reason for the numerous disasters and conflicts that befall humans every day.

Even the greatest guru cannot heal the spiritual suffering of every single person. The majority of experts dealing with the positive energies of the Cosmos claim that one good start toward a better world would be to first clear up the karma between loved ones. This will change the world.

Depending on the relationship that exists between the individuals, spiritualists do specific rituals for clearing up the negative energy that's piled up onto their karma.

Whether purifying the karma between husband and wife, brothers, sisters, etc, the ritual must be done between 2 individuals. There cannot be a 3rd loved one in it because this will cause a karmic overflow of negative energy in the cosmic agreement.

Each of the 2 participants need to get a blank sheet of paper. On the left side, write down the problems standing between you. On the right side, write down the unrequited truths which are poisoning your relations. Once you've done this, each of you must read what you've written about the other person.


The ritual for clearing up the karma between married couples is similar. However, in this case, each of the partners must write down what their relationship was like from the day they met. On the other side of the sheet of paper, write down the unspoken secrets and hidden impressions.

Trade the sheets of paper and read what your partner has written about you. If something is left unspoken and doesn't end up on the paper, your karma will remain impure. This ritual requires time, so that both partners of the married couple can think of all the past events of their life together.

The clearing of karma between children and parents requires that the ritual is always carried out between 1 child and 1 parent. After it's done, the child repeats the ritual with the other parent.

In this case, the text on the left side begins from the moment the child was born, as the parent remembers it, and the right side begins from the moment the child began having conscious memories and clear concepts of good and evil, honesty and dishonesty.

What all 3 rituals require is that after both sides have read or heard what's been written on the paper, you need to burn the papers and say a prayer of peace. Throw the ashes out in a field during a full moon.