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Dark Rites of the Summerians

Dark Rites of the Summerians

Magic was the foundation of life in Sumer. The Sumerians worshiped the four cardinal directions and four elements. The main attribute of a magical ritual was cross with a holy idol on it.

Each Sumerian magic ritual will involve participation of only one deity. Only in Sumerian New Year participated 12 Demons. It was a feast of powerful dark forces, which were offered as a sacrifice a black bull. Sumerian dark magic should not be confused with black magic.

The cult of the sacred cow or bull is associated with patronage and the Sumerian goddess Anilura. Therefore, after sacrificing and Commemoration of the dark forces, priests served food in the temples of the goddess to her, requesting a form of forgiveness and benevolence.

Attributes of Sumerian dark magic were made from parts of a bull - the ritual horn was the left horn of the animal and ritual drum - from its skin.

Magical rituals of the Sumerians were divided into service, funeral, purification and consecration. All required full concentration, and use the power of the thought of ongoing edit. In rituals were used incense, sacrificial red wine that is consecrated in advance for three days, an ritual dolls.

Sumerian ritual magic system was complicated. First priest, ordered attributes in place, then bowed to the four cardinal points. Then they heaped, with horns, the wine. Just put the priest back to the idol of the deity, in a decided direction, made the sacrifice and cut the index on your left hand until you drip four drops of blood. Priest swallowed them, then sipping four sips of wine and then sprinkled it with the cross.

After this preparation comes the moment of sacrifice of the animal, says the magazine "UFO". Sumerians inflicted this in four strokes with the idol smeared with the leaking blood.

After the ritual, the priest performed a ritual washing, he spent the remainder of the night in the open, to allow his body to absorb the energy sent by the deity.