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Rituals for Attracting Luck and Money

Rituals for Attracting Money

Positive thinking is one of the prerequisites for attracting luck and money. But it is not enough at all. In the following article you will also find rituals that will guarantee you well-being and success in various endeavors.

Some of them are simple and for others you'll need token items. For the techniques to work, you must believe in them and visualize.

If you want to enjoy abundance and prosperity, always keep rice at home. According to Chinese beliefs, it is a symbol of fertility and luck. It is not by chance that it is thrown during wedding celebrations and various celebrations.

For harmony, happiness and love, always have salt in your home. Salt protects against evil spirits and maintains understanding in the family. Every month, sprinkle a pinch of salt on the threshold of the front door to keep luck in your house and protect you from envious people.

Put a mirror on the front door. This will bring you financial well-being, energy and drive to achieve your goals.

You will enjoy good luck if you have a picture or figurine of a white butterfly in your home.

According to an old superstition, in order for your life to go well, when you drink tea and coffee, you should first put a lump of white sugar in your cup and then pour the drink itself.

Rituals for Attracting Luck

The clover is a famous symbol of luck. But it doesn't have to be four-leafed to bring you success. You just have to wear it on your right side.

To protect yourself from enemies and be successful on every front, always carry an acorn in your jacket pocket. Hold an acorn in your hand when you say your wishes out loud and imagine them coming true.

Rituals for attracting luck and money also include some stones. Keep amber around you to help you make your plans happen faster and to attract the right friends and a suitable partner, have an amethyst.

To enjoy financial prosperity and career success, wear a red thread with seven knots on your left hand.

If you want to be a magnet for wealth, always keep some bills under the kitchen table cover.

To always have money, pay with your right hand and take bills with your left. Also, if you borrow money, do so on a waxing moon. Pay off your loans - on waning moon.

For attracting money and good luck, always keep only full bottles on the table. If empty bottles linger on your table, it will cause penury, says an old superstition.