Rituals for Attracting Wealth

Rituals for Attracting Wealth

For millennia, people have sought to secure their material condition and to accumulate wealth. For some it may be a way of survival, for others – a goal, but the accumulation of material values is deeply embedded in us.

There are dozens of rituals and techniques for attracting wealth that people believe in and devoutly practice. And while some skeptics say the only way to attract wealth is through hard work, we're going to offer you some fun alternatives.

Choose a wallet in a bright color

Lack of Money

One of the proven ways to attract wealth is to get a wallet with a bright and vibrant color, preferably red. If red isn't your color, you can also opt for another earthy color. Do not under any circumstances buy a wallet in blue color because blue is the color of water and so your money will literally flow out of your wallet.

Make sure that the money in your wallet are not crumpled or folded and don't put photos, business cards, bills, receipts near them, or things that can interfere with the energies.

Load your wallet on a new or waxing moon

Charge your wallet when new moon occurs and during waxing moon.

Charging can be done using a regular phone charger. It must be plugged into the outlet and its free end must be placed in the wallet. It sounds crazy, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Put a large bill under the carpet

Attracting Money

Three days before the full moon put the largest bill you own under the carpet and in a place where everyone passes. Then take it out (if your wife didn't find it) and put it back where it was.

Special Treasure Chest

It's no coincidence that fancy, rich old ladies have a personal treasure chest. In order to attract wealth, you too must acquire one. It doesn't have to be specifically for jewels, it can be a simple jewelry chest, but you should only store jewels, coins and other valuables in it.

Get such a treasure chest, say what you would like to attract to it and start putting things in it during a full moon. Place the jewels and money in order of denomination, wishing them to multiply. Line the inside of the treasure chest with red cloth, which further attracts the money.

Be generous

Yes, we know it sounds a little frivolous, but the old maxim that in order to receive, you must first give is true. Cosmic energies and the universe stand in balance when those who have more, help those in need. But for the ritual to work, you must help with a pure heart and sincere intentions, without expecting anything in return.

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