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A Ritual for Finding your Dream Job


Finding a suitable job is certainly no easy task. Try as we might, we don't always succeed in finding the most appropriate job for ourselves.

Despite this, we must not despair, for there are certain rituals that would allow us to turn things around to our benefit and help us obtain the career of our dreams. We're going to introduce to you one such ritual in the paragraphs below.

To carry out this ritual, you don't need to wait for any kind of special date or time of the year. However, if possible, carry it out after dusk, as this would increase your chances for success. Set aside at least an hour or two, during which you'll be alone at home and will be able to focus completely on yourself and your thoughts.

Once you've obtained the required solitude, grab a beautiful, blank sheet of paper and a pen. Sit comfortably in a chair or bed and answer the following questions in written form:

1. What is my dream job?

2. What kind of salary am I expecting?

3. What kind of coworkers do I want to have?

4. How long do I want to work there?

5. In what ways do I think this position will contribute to my personal development?

When answering these questions, remember that you need to give clear, specific answers. Do not answer with "any kind" or "doesn't matter" under any circumstances. Also, don't write anything that you don't truly desire with all your heart.


Once you're done with all of the answers, fold the sheet in 8 and put it in a clean envelope. Seal it and hide it somewhere where neither your loves, nor you yourself will see it.

Next, go to the bathroom and wash your face with cool water 12 times. While in the process of washing, tell yourself mentally that you're capable, smart and have the potential to find the best job for yourself very soon. Tell yourself that you fully deserve the job in question and try to imagine the happiness it would bring you.

After you've washed, dry your face with a clean cotton towel and go to bed. Don't watch TV, don't surf the internet, don't even talk to anyone on the phone! Simply relax under your blankets and rest. With this, you finalize the ritual.

And one other important thing! If you don't believe in supernatural powers and feel that mystical practices are nothing but old wives' tales, don't even bother carrying out the aforementioned ritual. If you have even a shadow of a doubt whilst in the process of the ritual, know that it will not bring you the desired results. It should only be executed by those who truly feel that it will bring the expected result to their life.