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Energy VampiresEnergy Vampires
29 June
Energy vampires are people who need the energy of others to have power. Very often people are unaware that they have become donors to energy vampires. But how different is an energy vampire? Surely in your...
What are Energy Healers?What are Energy Healers?
12 Nov.
A lot of people have heard about energy healers but have no idea what exactly they do and how they heal. Energy healers cure diseases using the universal energy that's all around us and is imbued in everything. This...
Energy in skinsEnergy in skins
10 Jan.
taken from animals killed in pain, bring bad luck to their owner. The skins of different animals have different energy. For example, skin with long hair like a fox, or a raccoon in Canada, have a very powerful...
Strange Sources of EnergyStrange Sources of Energy
15 Apr.
Most people would agree that fossil fuels should no longer be an irreplaceable part of humanity's main sources of energy. They contribute to environmental pollution, changes in climate, numerous economic conflicts...
Dried flowers block vital energyDried flowers block vital energy
09 Jan.
bearers of vital energy "chi". Therefore, people intuitively place in their rooms, vases, pots and all sorts of greenery. Cut flowers: a bouquet of fresh flowers - tulips, lilac, chrysanthemums - are positive...
Are you a Carrier of Negative Energy?Are you a Carrier of Negative Energy?
08 Jan.
that you are an attractive force of negative energy. This energy is expressed in the form of unsuitable people, situations or feelings that inevitably have a negative impact on your being. Many individuals are...
How to Protect Ourselves from Energy VampiresHow to Protect Ourselves from Energy Vampires
01 Nov.
There are two types of energy hunters, aggressive and passive. Aggressive candidates will always try to intimidate you to participate in the scandal or fight to take the energy out of you. Passive try other...
Fire colors loaded with passion and energyFire colors loaded with passion and energy
12 Jan.
water will make your relationship with your partner much more open and sincere. Shells that are found during vacation at the beach, or pieces of colored glass will load the room with positive energy. You can put on a...
Jewellery can block our energy flowJewellery can block our energy flow
09 Jan.
Jewelry is beautiful, but sometimes can harm people! Ancient eastern teachings and energy meridians in the body are recognized today even by hardened materialists. In every body there are internal and external...
Chestnuts Shield us from Negative EnergyChestnuts Shield us from Negative Energy
16 Oct.
believes that the chestnut has the ability to fuel the body with energy. Just 2-3 wild chestnuts that we carry with us can act as a natural talisman against the negative energy surrounding us. "In folk medicine, it is...
How to Charge Yourself with EnergyHow to Charge Yourself with Energy
10 May
, you have to change things by attacking fatigue. Think positively. Do not waste energy thinking about trifles that irritated you. Use energetic music and feel the rush of power. Dance to chase away fatigue and apathy...
The Crystals That Ward off Negative EnergyThe Crystals That Ward off Negative Energy
26 June
For centuries on end, crystals have been used to attract happiness and success. Below, you can learn about the ones that can ward off negative energy and make you feel at ease. Regardless of what room you place...
Learn to Balance your Chi Energy!Learn to Balance your Chi Energy!
06 Oct.
No matter what your actions and intentions, you require energy to carry them out. All of our activities throughout the day - physical strain, emotions, thoughts, draw from our Chi energy reserves. It is most...
Birch talismans against negative energy and depressionBirch talismans against negative energy and depression
22 May
Birch is one of the most useful trees for humans, say Russian experts in the study of energy crops. For centuries, many nations called the birch the tree of life and connect it with fertility and magic. Birch twigs...
How to Measure the Negative Energy Within OurselvesHow to Measure the Negative Energy Within Ourselves
08 July
According to one of the universal laws, like attracts like, which means that positive people attract positive energy, and negative people - negative energy. Even if they don't admit it, most people emit negative...

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