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The Energy Field Around a Person - What We Need to Know

The Energy Field Around a Person - What We Need to Know

The energy field around a person is defined as a light zone that encompasses the physical body and extends beyond it, interacting with the energy of the environment.

It is a life energy characterized by its own dynamics, creativity, unpredictability and vibrating in lower or higher frequencies. Around every living organism exists an energy field, also called aura. It is made up of five main layers:

Physical energy

This is the layer that defines the physical self. Although our physical bodies are a kind of shell consisting of flesh, skin, bones, organs and blood, they also have energy.

Aether Energy

The second layer of our energy body is located approximately one centimeter from the physical body. Practitioners of energy medicine describe it as a cobweb, sticky and stretchy with a gray or bluish color.

Emotional energy

The third layer of our energy body is the emotional one. Centrally located, it encompasses our feelings and fears. This layer can be quite variable depending on the strength of the emotions we are experiencing.

Mental energy

This is the layer from which our ideas flow. This is where belief systems, perceptions and dreams are stored.

Spiritual Energy

The spiritual layer is the fifth layer of the human energy field. It houses our consciousness, which connects us not only to our past lives but also to universal consciousness.

The human biofield is multi-layered and intersected by energy channels. At the intersections are located the energy centers - chakras, through which energy is received and given. 7 main chakras are located along the projection of the spine:


Muladhara - The first chakra is located at the base of our spine. Associated with a sense of security and stability.

Svadhishthana - The second chakra is responsible for our emotional state.

Manipura - The chakra of the solar plexus and the will.

Anahata - Associated with love and suffering. On a physical level - with the heart and lungs.

Vishudha - The chakra associated with communication and creativity.

Ajna – The sixth chakra associated with perception and accumulated knowledge.

Sahasrara - The crown chakra associated with understanding and applying information.

Energy balance depends on their proper functioning. When sick, overtired, with negative feelings or addictions, the energy field shrinks and weakens. Persistent and prolonged disturbances of the biofield due to negative emotions can later transform into diseases of the physical body.

A signal of problems with the energy field can be obsessive negative thoughts, forgetfulness, an overwhelming feeling of continuous hunger, emotional alienation or dependence on other people, fear, physical ailments.