What are Energy Healers?

What are Energy Healers?
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A lot of people have heard about energy healers but have no idea what exactly they do and how they heal. Energy healers cure diseases using the universal energy that's all around us and is imbued in everything. This energy stimulates our soul and allows it to fall into harmony with nature and the world around us.

It is thought that energy therapy and energy healers originated from Tibet but the 1st healer to ever channel this energy was Mikao Usui, thanks to whom energy healing is still practiced today.

Energy healers are capable of pinpointing the hidden health problem of a person, as well as helping them. They can have a positive effect on inflammations, infections, compressed and pinched nerves, stomach problems, hormonal problems and more.

In the rare cases where an ailment can't be cured using energy and requires surgery, the healers won't hesitate to send you to a real doctor.

Many others don't believe in the existence of a universal energy, or the effectiveness of energy healers or even in the energy centers of the human body, the so-called chakras. But there also exists irrefutable evidence about the power and skills of energy healers.


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