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Getting a Haircut Cleanses your Energy and Changes your Life

Hair cutting

Whenever they end an unhappy relationship, many women change their appearance and especially their hairstyle. This is not simply a desperate plea for attention but rather an instinctive cleansing of the negative energy they had stockpiled during their unsuccessful partnership.

Hair is among a woman's most powerful weapon. Centuries ago, ancient cultures believed that it was a conductor of very potent energy which they could use to attract the opposite sex. But hair also serves women as a sort of protective shield that is the first to swallow up the negative energy around them.

When a given lady has many enemies, enviers and ill-wishers, her hair is the first thing that's affected. It absorbs the negative energy and as a result begins to fall out, tear, turn grey or lose its initial attractiveness, state esoteric experts.

To get rid of the negative, the woman has to get her hair cut. It's thought that complete removal of her hair has a healing effect and can change her life, that it protects against black magic and diseases.


Of course, women rarely resort to such drastic actions and instead simply cut a little off their ends. The good news is that this approach also helps. It just need to be applied more frequently in order to be effective.