Energy in skins

Nina NordNina Nord

The use of fur begun long before the creation of materials, homes and other services and comfort items, necessary for human life.

To this day, psychics and healers use leather for its special properties. Skin that is taken from animals killed in pain, bring bad luck to their owner.

The skins of different animals have different energy. For example, skin with long hair like a fox, or a raccoon in Canada, have a very powerful energy charge.

Therefore, long-haired coats and collars are not recommended for people with fiery temperament. Conversely, people who need energy and passion, must have exactly these skins.

Fur Jackets

Shorthaired skins, such as ermine, mink, and chinchilla have a cold aura, which gives the person who wears such a coat a shade of arrogance and contempt for people around them. This skin has a strong energy charge. Whoever wears it, collects natural charm. This leather is suitable for people with high emotional charge, as it gives them restraint.

People who are closed and indecisive, will feel better with the coat collar of a pet - rabbit, sheep, caracul. These skins have a warm, positive charge, have protective properties and are suitable for children and the elderly.

The skins of aquatic life - beaver, nutria - can be called cleansing. Unusually strong cleansing properties of water are loaded into the skin of aquatic animals.

They are activated only upon contact with human skin. The skin of water animals is especially useful for people who are born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.