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Dried flowers block vital energy

Dried Flowers

Everything in the house, even the most seemingly insignificant, is important in the science of Feng Shui. It is good if the house always has fresh flowers. According to the ancient Chinese art, flowers are the direct bearers of vital energy "chi". Therefore, people intuitively place in their rooms, vases, pots and all sorts of greenery.

Cut flowers: a bouquet of fresh flowers - tulips, lilac, chrysanthemums - are positive capacitors for the positive transmission of a dwelling. Once faded, however, they must be disposed of immediately - they bring destruction, disease, death and attract negative energy.

By selecting the right flowers, consciously attract the desired effect. For example, sunflowers are strong conductors of solar energy and are able to load it into any room. Bouquet of violets is light and soothing. They are excellent for in the bedroom.

Artificial flowers: can only partially replace the fresh. They must look most natural and be made from quality materials. Plastic is not recommended.

Dried flowers are considered mummies - they are dead energy. As much as I like arrangements of dried flowers, it is best not to put them in your home advise on Feng Shui experts.

Potted plants: They are the best translators of "chi". When caring for them, they are strong and healthy and give you energy. Flowering ones broadcast more "chi" from the rest. Plants with soft, round, or broad leaves best gather energy and keep it longer.

Species with sharp and elongated leaves are good for business offices. They are like "sentinels" for uninvited guests, ie. bad energies. Chests of flowers placed under the windows stop negative energy from entering the home.

Select those plants that affect you most comfortably. Positive species include: lime, round leafed plants, Ficuses, Jewish trees, indoor chestnuts, all with magnificent green stems, flowering plants, begonias, etc.