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Learn to Balance your Chi Energy!


No matter what your actions and intentions, you require energy to carry them out. All of our activities throughout the day - physical strain, emotions, thoughts, draw from our Chi energy reserves.

It is most profound in Eastern medicine and culture. Even though the word chi has a specific translation, numerous experts associate it with all that is vital, spiritual. In other words - our Chi energy is essentially our vital energy.

The theories surrounding Chi are some of the most important principles of Feng Shui. Chi energy pulsates in all living things, it fills them with energy and mobility. If a person is healthy, strong, balanced, they have good chi, if they are weak and sickly - bad chi. It's no wonder that in modern man's stressful way of life, the vital energy is depleted faster and is harder to regenerate.

The flow of Chi energy in the home depends on many factors: light, the proportions and dimensions of building materials, sounds, smells and others. In Asian countries, they often plan the furnishing of rooms, the services, location of residences in relation to the surrounding environment based on the channels and flows of Chi energy in the buildings.

There are tons of ways with which we can balance the energy in our body - by practicing tai chi, meditation, yoga, Eastern techniques such as shiatsu and acupuncture.

Another main method for restoring the vital energies in our body is the proper diet. Avoid processed foods, semi processed foods and chemical additives. It is so important to set aside at least a few minutes for a quality breakfast every morning, without eating it on the go or in front of the TV. Remain alone with your food, so that you can feel it charging you on an energetic level.

Feng Shui

A curious fact is that all material objects are also carriers of a certain type of energy which can at times be at odds with our own energy. A poorly circulating or low-quality Chi, resulting from an abnormal interaction between colors and materials, can cause you discomfort even in your own home. At such a time, the main Feng Shui principles can come to your aid, returning harmony back to your home.