Edgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Beliefs and ReadingsEdgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Beliefs and Readings
05 Aug.
However before 1923 Edgar Cayce had not been known for his strong beliefs in reincarnation....
Dinosaur Myths you Probably BelieveDinosaur Myths you Probably Believe
07 July
But scientists believe that dinosaurs were in fact caring parents and that they protected their nests with their lives. An example of this is Oviraptor. A skeleton of it was found protecting a nest of its eggs....
Reincarnation of TutankhamunReincarnation of Tutankhamun
02 Nov.
Years ago, when researching about with the theme of Rebirth, the Italian journalist, Manuela Pompas encountered interesting information. Intrigued by two cases. The first person who identifies himself with Tutankamon,...
Beliefs Foreshadowing That you`ll Soon Find LoveBeliefs Foreshadowing That you`ll Soon Find Love
03 Apr.
There's beliefs devoted to every aspect of human life and love is no exception. Here we're going to remind you of the most popular romance-related beliefs from around the world....
How to Believe in Ourselves AgainHow to Believe in Ourselves Again
03 Feb.
Sometimes we just lose confidence in our own abilities. We can't get anything done because everything we start falls apart. Often this happens after a person is subjected to tremendous stress from a breakup, losing a...
Five ways to believe in yourselfFive ways to believe in yourself
21 June
It is also recommended to choose the kind of sport that will help you improve your figure and believe in your own attractiveness. You can use the method of psychological drama....
Easter BeliefsEaster Beliefs
22 Apr.
It is thought that all beliefs pertaining to love are true on Easter. If you hit your elbow somewhere, your ex still cannot forget you and will do everything possible to get you back....
Beliefs and catsBeliefs and cats
22 Nov.
"According to Japanese belief if greeting a cat when sneezing, a whole year after they would not have problems with teeth....
Beliefs about SpidersBeliefs about Spiders
30 June
Our beliefs have melded with our everyday lives and surround us at any given moment. It is fascinating however, when looking at them separately. Such as beliefs about spiders, for example....
If you know many languages, you will live longerIf you know many languages, you will live longer
13 Feb.
People who speak many languages, increase their ability to master the complex processes of thought. Knowledge of several languages may even delay the age changes in the body. Multilingualism is very useful, it helps to...
Dinosaurs Appeared Earlier Than We BelievedDinosaurs Appeared Earlier Than We Believed
11 Sept.
Dinosaurs inhabited our planet 9 million years earlier than scientists previously believed. The latest finds reveal that their ancestors were the size of cats and dogs....
We Believe Ever More in Ghosts and the SupernaturalWe Believe Ever More in Ghosts and the Supernatural
17 Oct.
It is thought that the belief in the supernatural has reached its peak due to the upcoming Halloween holiday, which is at the end of October....
What Can you Expect if you Dream of an Airplane?What Can you Expect if you Dream of an Airplane?
07 July
The airplane is among the most common symbols in human dreams. If you dream of flying in an airplane, this could be a reflection of your fear of flying. On the other hand, the presence of the flying craft in your...
Beliefs about Broken ObjectsBeliefs about Broken Objects
27 Jan.
Broken objects always bring bad luck - this unifies all beliefs pertaining to usable items that have been broken. One of the oldest beliefs goes that if you break a mirror you will have 7 years of bad luck....
What Does it Mean if you Dream That you`re Painting?What Does it Mean if you Dream That you`re Painting?
27 Apr.
When life becomes extremely dynamic, hectic and limited in terms of free time, our subconscious tries to give us certain signals. These are ambiguous signs through which our inner voice aims to warn us of a certain danger...