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Never Do This in Front of a Mirror, it Will Bring you Misfortune


The mirror is one of the most widely used but also mysterious objects in our daily lives. Since ancient times, different cultures have believed it was a portal to other worlds and that it possessed frightening magical properties.

From these also originate some of the most common beliefs about mirrors. We've all heard that a broken mirror brings bad luck and years of disappointment in love.

But there are other superstitions related to this item that aren't nearly as well-known. See what they are, in order to protect yourself and loved ones from mischief.

- Never look at a mirror with the thought that you're ugly, unseemly, incapable. Every negative thought you have will be remembered by it and soon become reality.

- Never stand in front of a mirror when you're upset or are angry at someone. The negativism you radiate will come back at you and devastate with even greater force.

- Never eat while looking at yourself in the mirror because this way you'll eat your own beauty.

- According to another belief, we must never look at ourselves in a mirror in the small hours of the day because that's when there's a danger of the Devil stealing our soul and an evil spirit settling in our body.

- Another very old belief states that a baby should never be allowed to look at itself in the mirror because it would learn to talk much later than its peers.

Old Mirror

- Don't keep looking at yourself constantly in a full height mirror - there's a danger of it sucking out your vital energy. You'll then feel bereft of tone and the desire to go about your daily tasks.

- If you move to a new home, don't be in a hurry to look at yourself in the mirror there. First cleanse it with holy water and only then begin to use it. Otherwise, there's a possibility of it having soaked in the negative energy of the past residents and for it dump that energy onto you.

- Don't stand with your partner in front of the mirror - a fight will ensue.

- If you break a mirror, simply bury the pieces somewhere. Just don't be tempted to look in them because then you really could bring bad luck in love on yourself.

- Don't look into distorting mirrors. The superstition goes that doing this can cause diseases.