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Are our Political Beliefs Rooted in our Genes?


According to scientists from the UK's Royal Society, a person's political views are fixed in their genes. They explain that the decision of which political party (or lack of) we sympathize with is not determined so much by our family and surrounding environment but by our human biology.

The authors of the study have carried out a series of experiments to prove their unusual claim, writes AFP. They state that from a person's very birth, they have ingrained in them left, right, liberal or conservative views.

This theory is nothing new. For nearly 80 years, experts in psychology and sociology have been trying to prove this claim. The British scientists started off with the knowledge that most human traits (such as the color of one's skin and height) are dependent on the genome.

In an attempt to prove your theory, they have carried out a study with about 2000 students at the National University of Singapore. They all belonged to the Han Chinese ethnic group. The scientists' goal was to find evidence for their theory by using a large group of people with similar genetic characteristics.

Each of the participants filled out a survey indicating their personal political preferences. After, the volunteers were to give blood to be analyzed.


The researchers stated that they had found a link between a genetic variant and political preferences. The variation of the DRD4 gene - one of the few that determine the way the neurotransmitter dopamine is released in our brain, also affects our political inclinations.

The scientists loyal to the English queen have now pinpointed that there is a connection between the presence and absence of this newly found gene and the various political viewpoints.

Furthermore they've discovered that the dependency is more clearly expressed in women.