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How to Believe in Ourselves Again

Jana G.Jana G.
Sad Girl

Sometimes we just lose confidence in our own abilities. We can't get anything done because everything we start falls apart. Often this happens after a person is subjected to tremendous stress from a breakup, losing a job or loved one or some other reason.

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence lead to failure after failure both in our personal lives and at work. This affects the person's mental health and they fall into a vicious circle that is very difficult to get out of.

Remember the times when you achieved success and even write them down on a sheet of paper to look at every time you feel worthless. You may have to fill out several sheets of paper because surely you've had plenty of successes.

Start keeping a diary. This is an excellent way to analyze your actions and let out everything that's bothering you but that you just can't share with those closest to you. Take a piece of paper and spend no more than 20 min. writing down all of your positive qualities. You'll see that in truth you have a ton of valuable qualities that will help you reach every goal you set for yourself.

Every time you do something right, even the most insignificant little thing, write it down to help you keep a record of your achievements. This will provide you crystal clear proof that you can succeed in every undertaking. You just have to start with the little things.


Focus on positive thoughts and go at least one week without using the phrase "I have to", instead replace it with "I can". Every chore worsens your depression at times when you've lost faith in yourself. Set a series of small goals and think about how to achieve them. They can be very elementary but it would be good for you if you achieve them. Achieving a goal makes a person feel capable and strong, in turn affecting their self-esteem.

Even if you're depressed and desperate, even if you think that you can't do something, walk with your head held high and try to smile at everyone. Smiling brings back self-confidence and affects mood positively.

Listen to your favorite music and watch your favorite movies that make you smile and feel good. And when your low self-assessment and lack of confidence are left behind in the past, keep up your rhythm and face each new day's challenges with daring.