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Beliefs Foreshadowing That you`ll Soon Find Love


Ever catch yourself spinning around 3 times when a black cat crosses your path or refusing to throw out the garbage after 18:00?

These decisions were likely the result of the influence of the superstitions surrounding you.

There's beliefs devoted to every aspect of human life and love is no exception. Here we're going to remind you of the most popular romance-related beliefs from around the world.

Find out when love will head your way, according to folk beliefs:

- if a button falls off your apparel, expect a new love.

- if while cooking, you unintentionally place 2 spoons in the same container, expect a new relationship. If you place a spoon and fork together, you're in for a difficult partnership due to the differences in character.

Broken Vase

- if you unintentionally spill warm tea, don't fret. This foretells that someone is soon going to warm your heart.

- if the high heel of your shoe breaks, it's another sign of love.

- if you don't light your cigarette the right way, it's another reason to smile. Someone is soon going to confess their feelings.

- if your shoelace becomes untied, it's a sign that someone is having romantic thoughts for you right now.

- if you trip while going up or down stairs, be careful! Love is very close to you but you risk overlooking it.

- if you find yourself sneezing often, an admirer of yours can't stop talking about you.


- if you slip on a banana peel, expect a dangerous love affair. You need to be cautious.

- if you break a wine glass, prepare for your wedding!