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Beliefs About What We Must Not Do During a Leap Year

Antonia R.Antonia R.

2016 is a leap year - an event that happens once every 4 years. Because of the rare occurrence of February incorporating 29 days, people have come up with beliefs that prohibit certain actions.

For science, leap years have long not been a mystery. It's been discovered that the Earth completes a full orbit around the Sun in exactly 365 days and 6 hours. Over a four-year period, those 6 hours add up to 1 whole day and therefore the month of February gains an extra day.

Despite the unwavering scientific viewpoint with regards to leap years, there are clearly defined superstitions propagated by various peoples around the world.

1. Don't change your job - consider your actions very carefully during a leap year because they are fateful and if hurried, you will long regret your decision afterwards.

2. Don't get a divorce - you may be falling prey to delusions and once again make the wrong decision.

3. Don't get married - for this same reason you must also not take a more serious step in love; this applies not only to the month of February but for the entire year.

4. Don't share your plans for the future - the belief goes that the more we talk about our plans during a leap year, the more likely they will be unsuccessful.

5. Don't take out big loans - it will be harder for you to pay back money if the loan is taken out during a leap year.

6. Don't start any big modeling projects and don't buy a house because you'll have ill fortune later.

To have success and luck, the superstitions say that you have to take a walk without an umbrella or hat during the 1st rain of the leap year. It is believed that children born on February 29 are exceptionally lucky and protected from any disasters.