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Edgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Beliefs and Readings

Edgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Beliefs and Readings

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) dedicated most of his forty three years of life his followers. He presented more than 14, 000 psychic readings on lots of different subjects. At the age of 24 in 1901 Edgar Cayce was 21 years old and gave himself his first ever reading. It was to help him diagnose a condition of ill health. However before 1923 Edgar Cayce had not been known for his strong beliefs in reincarnation. A printer from Ohio showed exploration of the reading, he also had previously taken successful readings or two members from his family. He went on to request a horoscope reading, it was near to the end of this reading that Edgar Cayce in his sleep like state spoke the curios sentence ''one he was a monk.'' It was this that started the beginnings of new research and investigation of reincarnation.

Cayce no longer had to prove himself as repeatedly his readings were successful.

Diagnose the issue with the person, detail how one had fallen ill, offer medical advice and recommend treatments and he sometimes made referrals to specialist physicians like osteopaths. 'The sleeping Prophet' was given as his nickname, no one doubted that his psychic detailed readings were not of great help when dealing with health. Cayce later did lots of soul searching regarding the reincarnation side of things, it was almost so foreign to his religious christian side. He revealed many readings on the subject and took the advice to read the Bible all the way through back to back cover to cover. After much searching Cayce learned that actually the subject of reincarnation was not so far from any religion as he first thought. Over 1, 900 readings he examined extensive details during life readings on reincarnation.

What exactly is reincarnation? It simply means that we leave one life and go into another, it is all for the soul purpose of soul development and spiritual growth. Cayce never let on that he agreed in transmigration, this basically means reincarnating into an animal.

Edgar Cayce approached this subject and explained it as it is the past concentrating on handling ways of dealing with this life, for example; growing, living and being of service to one another in the present. It was not of any importance to Cayce to what a person once was during ones past life as it was the moment of the present he needed to concentrate on.

To remember our own past life's Cayce provided information on approaches to do so. During readings it occurred quite often that one would start to ask questions of memorable dreams that played on their mind, also certain factors about relationships with others in ones life and talents they had been naturally to and so on. Cayce believed it was possible for all of these to be connected to a past life. So to remember ones past life Cayce advised such activities as using personal inventories of abilities, dislikes and likes and even ones talents; also to work with meditation and dreams. Self hypnosis was also a popular recommendation.

Edgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Beliefs and Readings

The concept of Cayce to believe in past lives was not so one could hope to be able to boast of what once was for example a king, but to realize the error of ways and mistakes and especially the consequences of choices, and most importantly to know that only oneself has control over ones future and shaping ones life.