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What Do the Stars Portend for you Today - March 30?


The positive aspects of the Sun with Mars and Mercury today advise you to say what you desire and seek the cooperation of others around you, in order to do a better handle your tasks.

Aries - Today you'll be worried about money and if you haven't thought about your finances yet, you won't any shortage of concerns about them today. Old friends can help you with this problem through advice or mediation, thanks to which you'll forge beneficial contacts. During the day you can reveal some of your secrets to your parents.

Taurus - Today it's likely you'll face financial difficulties or administrative issues. No matter what your problems in these fields, don't try to resolve them by yourself, seek the collaboration of loved ones. Perhaps they have information which can help you and can smooth out the misunderstandings.


Gemini - Your obligations at work will be priority today because there won't be any shortage of assignments that need to be finished by the end of the day. Organize yourself well and if you feel that you can't handle everything yourself, ask your coworkers for help. Don't over exhaust yourself when you can redistribute your obligations and do not, under any circumstances, put off today's work for tomorrow.

Cancer - Luck will be on your side today and changes may occur at work that will be entirely to your advantage. Don't hesitate, seize this chance. This is no time to be humble because it's not every day that you'll see opportunities like this. Direct your bosses' attention toward you and this will positively affect your financial state in the future.

Leo - Today is an ideal day for clearing up old debts. Pay off or ask to be paid back for any loans; don't expect the debtor to bring your money back without being reminded. The day is not suitable for investments or large-scale purchases. Instead, think about whether you haven't spent too much lately. Today you may come across a past beloved of yours and for the spark to rekindle once again.

Virgo - The day is suitable for bringing changes to your home. If you've been planning to remodel for some time, you can start it today. Don't go at it alone, seek the opinion of people who are more competent than you to avoid any unnecessary headaches. If you'd like to move out of your current residence, today is a suitable day for looking at potential new residences with your loved ones.

Libra - Today you'll feel happy as a result of the additional income. Thanks to a friend who never misses any details you'll receive the opportunity to finish a task that will increase the amount of money in your bank account. You may also be given a tempting offer for a new job, again all thanks to your friends.

Scorpio - Your insight will be excellent today and you'll manage to defend your interests despite the ill-wishers who are trying to make you fail. Old problems in your love relationship may reappear today and cause conflicts with your partner. Try to keep your anger under control and not express your emotionality.


Sagittarius - Changes will occur at work that you won't like. At first it may seem that your position is threatened or that you may get extra work. But your coworkers will deal with any additional responsibilities, while you go back to your old interests. Still, be on the lookout, so that you're not the only one that's unprepared.

Capricorn - You'll be busy with work nearly the entire day and even at home you may have to finish whatever you haven't been able to complete at work. Try to finish up all your projects on time, so you don't ruin your weekend. You can discuss your plants for the weekend with your partner today.

Aquarius - You have to review your old projects again to make sure that you haven't made a mistake that could turn into a huge problem. All documents and administrative issues require a great deal of attention, even though in general you're rushing to be done with them. An unexpected meeting will pleasantly surprise you on this day.

Pisces - Old problems you had thought resolved will return. These may be financial difficulties or administrative oversights. Seek out more experienced loved ones who can help you deal with the problem. Expect interesting turning points in love today.