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What you reveal in erotic dreams

What you reveal in erotic dreams

All men and women have erotic dreams. They grant wishes, eliminate fears and release stress. According to the study of French researchers, 70% of women and 80 percent of men have erotic dreams.

These dreams are starting from puberty to the emergence of first love thrills. Young people for example, dream of many snakes, which symbolizes the awakening of sexuality and stresses, according to George Romeo, Author of Dictionary of Dreams.

What you reveal in erotic dreams

In the form of dreams, erotic fantasies are a sign of good health. Any man that has a dream of making love, is proof that you have a logical thought, are intuitive and have a strong imagination. The dream could also be a general rehearsal for the upcoming new stage in your love life.

According to theories of Freud the dream has a compensatory role, it reveals our subconscious desires and aspirations. Thus, releasing the accumulated tensions of the day, erotic dreams help us to overcome stress.

One of the functions of erotic dreams is to help us get rid of some inhibitions.