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What Do the Differents Fruits in our Dreams Foretell?


Dream interpreters often focus on what we feel during a particular dream - fear, happiness, hope, faith and so on. Often it's also hard to hone in on those feelings.

But according to folk beliefs there are also other ways to interpret dreams, which focus on particular objects. In this case, take a look at what you can expect if you've dreamed of specific fruits that have played a central role in your dream:


- Except tremendous happiness within the family, as well as unforgettable family moments. It's also possible that someone surprises you with an invitation for a faraway journey.


- Because they are a well-known antioxidant they are associated with the desire for a person to regain their youth.


- No matter whether you dream that you're picking, eating a grapefruit or simply appreciating the tree's beauty, you're most likely going to experience joyous moments with your family and loved ones. The grapefruit symbolizes an influx of positive energy and picking of the fruits you've sown.



- Whether you're picking or eating them, if you dream of this fruit it means your innermost dreams will come true. Everything you've secretly been hoping for may become reality.


- A symbol of love and devotion, not just in terms of your intimate partner but also in terms of you friends, relatives and loved ones.


- They foretell of joy, love and happiness. The exact opposite is true if you dream of eating unripe or sour pears - these portend of problems.


- They are a harbinger of problems and financial breakdown.



- If you dream that you're eating lemons, it means you have to take your health into consideration. In any other case, the sour fruits symbolize love, happiness and well-being.


- They indicate that you have to take serious steps regarding the problems that you're trying to avoid. Trust your intuition and act.


- Although they call the fig the fruit of lust, if a person dreams of a mango they can expect unbelievable sexual experiences and romantic moments.


- Regardless of whether you've smelled it, tasted it or simply picked it from a tree in your dream, the mandarin always portends of something good. A true love and loyal friends approach on the horizon.


- Usually, dreams where you see olives, an olive tree or olive branch are linked to positive emotions only. They foretell of loyal companions, a peaceful family environment and resolution of problems with loved ones. Misfortune will come only if you dream that you're eating black olives or picking the unripened fruits of an olive tree.