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Bermuda TriangleBermuda Triangle
03 Apr.
This explains the disappearance of the crew on a fully working ship. One of the most mysterious stories is the disappearance of the five aircraft in December 1945....
The Bermuda Triangle and its HistoryThe Bermuda Triangle and its History
29 Apr.
The name unites public opinion, namely "deadly Bermuda Triangle. " Adding "Bermuda" finally specifies the area in which all these mysteries happen....
The Bermuda Triangle Swallows Another ShipThe Bermuda Triangle Swallows Another Ship
05 Nov.
Only a life preserver was found from the SS El Faro cargo ship which disappeared at the beginning of October in the Bermuda triangle region....
The Few Places on Earth More Mysterious Than the Bermuda TriangleThe Few Places on Earth More Mysterious Than the Bermuda Triangle
02 Jan.
Everyone's heard of the Bermuda Triangle and the mysteries surrounding it....
Mysteries of the unknownMysteries of the unknown
31 Jan.
Shambala – the mysterious land of the Buddhists, according to legend, is somewhere in the Himalayan lands, but nobody knows where. 4....
Forgotten mysteries of HistoryForgotten mysteries of History
19 Mar.
Their disappearance can be compared with civilization of the Mayans. In 1922 archaeologists discovered settlements inhabited by this civilization, with sophisticated systems of drains and bathrooms....
The Mysteries of ShambhalaThe Mysteries of Shambhala
03 Nov.
Shambhala is a hidden land, whose location is known to only a minority of devotees. It is said to be located somewhere in the Himalayas. It is mentioned in Tibetan, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and other myths and legends...
The Greatest Unsolved Airplane MysteriesThe Greatest Unsolved Airplane Mysteries
28 Oct.
The Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle is a region of the Atlantic where dozens of airplanes and ships have disappeared mysteriously....
Mysteries of the human brainMysteries of the human brain
17 June
It is believed that the brain receives information from the outside world, processes it and takes one or other decision. According to specialists the brain can store up to fifteen trillion different data bits. But there...
Sinister Mysteries from Around the WorldSinister Mysteries from Around the World
31 Oct.
The mysterious creature was labeled so because of the strong odor it leaves behind. Room 428, Ohio University Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, is linked to all kinds of ghost stories....
Four World Mysteries That Remain UnsolvedFour World Mysteries That Remain Unsolved
13 Apr.
In his 1886 book he described mysterious rock formations near which there lay ruins of an ancient city....
Mysterious Ancient CitiesMysterious Ancient Cities
14 Nov.
The remains of numerous ancient cities provoke the human imagination because of the mysteries surrounding them. There are cities that no one knows how they were built and how they came to be, even to this day....
Mysterious Nazca linesMysterious Nazca lines
22 Dec.
But the reality is often much more mysterious than fiction and this is exactly the case with Nazca and other artifacts of ancient cultures of Peru....
The Great Art Mysteries That Remain UnsolvedThe Great Art Mysteries That Remain Unsolved
04 Nov.
Degas's missing painting Edgar Degas's Dancer Making Points is another one of the greatest mysteries in the art world....
Mysterious stones of IcaMysterious stones of Ica
30 Nov.
The stones from the Peruvian city of Ica are one of the most paradoxical phenomena and evidence that the historical facts of human evolution may not be entirely accurate. In the seventies of the twentieth century, in the...
Ancient Mysteries That Continue to Puzzle the WorldAncient Mysteries That Continue to Puzzle the World
24 Nov.
But there are still mysteries on our planet that have yet to be unraveled....
Talismans and amulets: meaning and colorsTalismans and amulets: meaning and colors
15 Aug.
Talismans and amulets have a difference. Amulets protect from adverse impacts, and talismans give strong energy. But the aim of amulets, and talismans is the same - to bring luck to people. Nowadays, many people wear amulets...
The Mysterious World of DreamsThe Mysterious World of Dreams
31 May
Mankind will not stop looking for hidden meanings of the strange and mysterious world of dreams....
Mysterious Forest Creature Scares AmericansMysterious Forest Creature Scares Americans
08 Sept.
Signs of a mysterious 6.5 ft (2 m) tall creature were recently uncovered by an American man in the state of Mississippi....
Mysterious Crater Appears in SiberiaMysterious Crater Appears in Siberia
21 July
A helicopter flying over Siberia photographed an enormous crater, of which it is unknown how it appeared. According to the data from the pilot's camera, the crater has a 262.5 ft (80 m) diameter. Russian researchers confirmed...
Mysterious Signal Caught from SpaceMysterious Signal Caught from Space
05 July
Scientists remind that this isn't the first time they have caught mysterious signals from the Perseus cluster....
Mysterious Mars Rock Puzzles ScientistsMysterious Mars Rock Puzzles Scientists
22 Jan.
The cameras of the Opportunity Mars rover, that has been operational on Mars for 10 years now, photographed an unusual rock, which set the scientific community ablaze. The discovered rock completely shocked NASA scientists...
Mysterious Humanoid Photographed in AntarcticaMysterious Humanoid Photographed in Antarctica
26 Nov.
Japanese researchers on the continent of Antarctica have released photos of a mysterious being, which is thought to be a humanoid living on the ice continent....
Beliefs and Real Stories About Comets and AsteroidsBeliefs and Real Stories About Comets and Asteroids
08 Oct.
., it is explained how the arrival of comets has caused various disasters, such as wars, the dethronement of powerful leaders, mysterious whale deaths and a lack of vital ingredients, such as salt, fish and rice....
Talismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witchesTalismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witches
05 Oct.
In occultism it is possible to provoke mysterious forces through magic rituals....