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Mysterious Nazca lines

Nazca Lines

Centuries ago, deserts, hills and mountains in the Pacific coast of South America were covered by an extensive network of drawings, lines and geometric shapes, figures of mammals, insects and deities. Nazca lines opened in 1927, and are a most extraordinary legacy left by the culture that flourished 2, 000 years ago. These lines and other figures represent a series of complex projects, some of them with long miles, which can be seen in their true dimension only from heaven. Not to be assumed that then the Nazca culture were able to fly, but still remains the question of how these drawings are made, what technologies are used and for what purpose have these lines been made?

City Nazca was founded in 1591 by the Spanish who conquered Nazca on plateau without any knowledge of what is located nearby. Today Nazca is a small, underdeveloped town, the main economic activity is based on tourism associated with unusual shapes, agriculture and trade. Tourism is directly related to the Nazca lines and other archaeological complexes such as the Kahuachi, Estakueriya, Chauchila tombs and the lines of Palpa valley.

Who drew the lines of Nazca?

Undoubtedly, after this question comes a number of questions, namely: Ancient religion? Did aliens came from space? Ancient astronomers? Artists with extraordinary opportunities? Initially it was thought that these pieces are the remains of irrigation canals in the flooded valley of Nazca. But after having been seen from the air, it became clear that the lines are fully recognizable as a huge network of amazing artifacts as they are in reality.

There are many hypotheses about the emergence of these incredible pieces, such as Erich von Danica, who claims to the 'chariots of the gods' that they are remnants of a giant extraterritorial airport. But the reality is often much more mysterious than fiction and this is exactly the case with Nazca and other artifacts of ancient cultures of Peru. Long before Inca they managed four kingdoms Nazca, Parakas, Kazma and Karan and yet with no plants were still able to calculate the passing time and seasons, and have built some of the oldest cities in the world.

New Science of Nazca lines

Mysterious Nazca lines

With the advancement of science we are able to learn more about ancient civilizations that may have created the Nazca lines and other mysterious figures.

In August 2007 a new science is presented by Anthony Pera, John McGovern, Alfred Koyayama, Marinus Anthony van der Slazhs and Matthias Wash. This new theory of science explores the relationship between prehistoric stone carvings, shapes of the earth and the periodic and extraordinary intensity of emission and appearance of the glow. There is a very high energy radiance if the world finishes and starts again repeating itself every several thousand years. This not only provokes high energy radiance but also provokes the changing of colors and patterns.

In many cases this can also reproduce static high energy radiation on the ground, resulting in the formation of a 'glass like wildfire' which also forms patterns that differ substantially from the ordinary to lightening strikes, namely in the form of lines, as are the Nazca lines.