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Mysterious Signal Caught from Space

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Astronauts have caught a mysterious signal from outer space, coming 240 million light years from Earth. The signal has sparked hundreds of debates in the scientific communities.

The signal was captured a few days ago and experts have managed to determine the exact spot from which it came. It is believed that the signal comes from the Perseus cluster, one of the largest objects in the universe.

The strange signal is an electromagnetic emission with a specific wavelength in the X-ray range.

The exact origin of the signal, coming from deep space, is still unclear, which is why scientists can only make assumptions about the source that sent it.


One of the theories is that the signal is a result of the collapse of sterile neutrino particles, which are believed to come from the mysterious dark matter.

In part of the scientific communities it is claimed that around 85% of the substances in the universe belong to dark matter.

The Perseus galaxy cluster, where the signal is coming from, is often called a cosmic titan, because it is one of the most massive known objects in the universe.

Perseus is a cluster of thousands of star galaxies, located in the interior of an extensive cloud of cosmic gas.

Scientists remind that this isn't the first time they have caught mysterious signals from the Perseus cluster.


In 2003, an unusual harmonic signal was captured, whose dynamic range was 57 octaves lower than the middle range keys of the fortepiano.

Another popular theory about the unfamiliar signal is that it is coming from an alien civilization that is trying to make contact with humans on Earth.

Large groups of people believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and not only that - it is believed that they visit our planet often. For this reason, a Canadian religious group wants to build the first ever embassy for extraterrestrials.

The religious group believes that extraterrestrials have created humans and will be able to once again live on Earth through the embassy.