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Mysteries of the unknown

Angkor Wat

It is not necessary to understand the answer to everything, otherwise they would not be mysteries, and all would be clear - this is a pretty boring scenario.

The unknown facts and places are so many and we can not describe them all - there will always be something missing, untold. But there are a few puzzles that actually confuse with the facts about them, or rather the lack of facts.

Angkor Wat

1. Angkor Wat - located in Cambodia. This is a temple, it is believed to be the largest found so far. It is part of a complex built by the Khmer civilization in the 12th century, this temple is the only one in the complex facing west.

2. El Dorado - the golden city. Unknown is the location of the city, hundreds of people tried to find it him and searched, but found their death in the jungle - it is thought that this city is located near Bogota, capital of Colombia. The question is where?

3. Shambala – the mysterious land of the Buddhists, according to legend, is somewhere in the Himalayan lands, but nobody knows where.

4. The figures on Easter Island - these stone figures are an absolute mystery to scientists. What is their origin and what they are used for has not yet been found. These stone figures are about 900 in number.

Taj Mahal

5. Taj Mahal - very impressive building, which is considered to this day the most beautiful in the world. It was built of white marble - different types of precious and semi-precious stones were used. The building was built in honor of the wife of Shah Jahan, who was the ruler of the Great Moguls (1632 - 1653) - Mumtaz Mahal.

6. Orpheus flower (Rhodope haberlea) - a flower that grows in the Rhodopes and whose name comes from the mythical singer Orpheus, who is believed to have lived and ruled these lands. Exclusive to this plant is the fact that even after drying, it can blossom again if you pour water on it. It has been investigated by Russian scientists.

7. Poveglia Island - the legend connected with this island is that during the outbreak of plague in Venice, this place was for the sick. Later, on the island was built a charity hospital, but every patient who enters it goes crazy. It is believed that the plague sufferers were unable to find peace. The island is uninhabited for 500 years, but fishermen say they hear ringing from the bell tower at night.