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The Few Places on Earth More Mysterious Than the Bermuda Triangle

Supersition Mountains

Everyone's heard of the Bermuda Triangle and the mysteries surrounding it. The theories about the location in the Atlantic Ocean vary from reasonable to outright absurd but regardless of whether you believe that time flows differently there, that it conceals an extraterrestrial base, an inter-dimensional portal or that the theories about it originated from drunk sailors' tales in the past, there are a number of unusual and strange things about it.

However, the Bermuda Triangle isn't the only place obscured in creepy and odd rumors. You'll find areas like it on every continent and in numerous countries. Some are widely known, others familiar only to the locals.

The reputation of some of these places originates from ancient myths and legends, while for others it's been fully proven, with the fear and horror stemming from them rightfully earned. But enough of that, let's take a look at several places that are even more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle.

1. Superstition Mountains

The Superstition Mountains are located east of the city of Phoenix in the U.S. state of Arizona. According to legend, sometime in the year 1800 a man named Jacob Waltz discovered a large gold deposit, which has since come to be known as the "Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine" (due to Waltz's nationality). He took the location of the secret find to his grave, having shared it with just a single person. The rumor of the presence of gold spread quickly and hundreds flocked to search for it.

Many of them would never return, having lost their way in the hundreds of tunnels and caves underneath the mountain. According to official data, since 1850 more than 190 people in the region have disappeared without a trace. Further contributing to the enigma have been the legends of the Apache living in the region. These tell of mysterious beings called "Tuari" that live in the mountains and guard the gateway to Hell found in those same mountains.

Angikuni Lake

2. The Mystery of Angikuni Lake

While most mysterious places on Earth involve the disappearance of 1-2 people, the story of Angikuni Lake in Canada speaks of the disappearance of an entire village. In 1930, a fur trapper named Joe Labelle sought to find shelter in the small Inuit village by the lake. There were 2000 people living in the village and he would often visit his many friends there. But upon reaching it, Labelle came upon a terrifying scene. The village was deserted. It looked as if everyone had suddenly vanished. There was still food on the tables and the villagers' possessions and weapons were in their usual places.

The trapper notified authorities and an investigation began. Experts on the scene discovered several dug up graves near the village. Further, about 1640 ft (500 m) from the last hut, they found several abandoned sleds and dogs, the latter starved to death despite the ample amounts of food in the village itself. The people of the surrounding Inuit villages shared that they had seen strange lights above the lake during the purported time of disappearance. To this day, Canadian authorities have no explanation for the 2000 vanished Inuits. Theories range from abduction by extraterrestrials to attacks by vampires. The region remains uninhabited today.

Devil's Sea
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3. Devil's Sea

The Devil's Sea is a region of the Pacific Ocean where strange occurrences have and continue to take place. It is located near the shores of Japan and has been the site of an untold number of inexplicable phenomena, including magnetic anomalies, inexplicable lights and objects and, of course, mysterious disappearances. The region has even been declared dangerous by Japanese fishing authorities.

One story goes that in 1952 the Japanese government had sent a research vessel - Kaiyo Maru No. 5 - to investigate the secrets of the Devil's Sea. The ship and its crew of 31 were never seen again. Another story tells of Kublai Khan's catastrophic attempts to enter Japan by crossing the Devil's Sea. In so doing, he lost more than 40 000 men. The majority of the theories surrounding the phenomena of the region revolve around extraterrestrial abductions, portals, parallel universes, even an underwater civilization that does not wish to be disturbed.