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Mysterious Ancient Cities

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Ancient Cities

The remains of numerous ancient cities provoke the human imagination because of the mysteries surrounding them.

There are cities that no one knows how they were built and how they came to be, even to this day.

Çatalhöyük in Turkey

The ruins of this city date back to 7500 BC and it is believed that it was occupied by 1000 inhabitants.

The curious thing about culture that occupied it is that it had nothing in common with any culture of today. The city was built in a honeycomb shape and all the houses share common walls.

The inhabitants entered not through doors but through the roofs. Bovine horns were placed in the entrances and the dead were buried in the floor of each home.

During scientific expeditions, the archaeologists discovered that the city was surrounded by figures of fertility goddesses.

It is believed that the bizarre civilization emigrated to Asia Minor and Mesopotamia.


Palenque in Mexico

One of the most well-preserved ancient cities and symbol of the Mayan civilization is Palenque in Mexico.

The large cities of the Mayans were massively abandoned and destroyed during the 15th century. The height of Palenque's power was between the years 700 - 1000. This city contained temples, palaces and markets.

Its sculptures and inscriptions contain historical information about the kings, battles and everyday life of the ancient civilization.

It is still a mystery to this day why the city was suddenly abandoned. The various theories suggest wars, famine and climate change.

Cahokia in the U.S.

Cahokia is near the Mississippi River by the city of St. Louis.


The fascinating thing about it is that its inhabitants built earthen mounds, which can still be seen today. The city had spacious, open areas which functioned as bazaars and meeting areas.

The height of this civilization was between the years 600 and 1400.

Pompeii in Italy

Historical data claims that the Roman city of Pompeii was buried after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 AD.

Even so, the ancient city's layout has been kept almost exactly intact to this day. In Pompeii, decorative statues, strange hieroglyphs and unexplained art forms abound.