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The Bermuda Triangle - Interesting Facts and Mysteries

The Bermuda Triangle - Interesting Facts and Mysteries
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People often believe that their knowledge of the world around them is great and give it an importance that does not correspond to the truth. And it is that we know too little about the planet we inhabit and if we look at the universe, our knowledge is even scarcer.

Another fact is no less discouraging - 80% of the oceans have not yet been explored and no one knows what secrets and mysteries can emerge from there.

What is the most famous mystery related to the ocean?

No doubt it is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. It is also called Devil's Triangle and Hurricane Alley. Where is this mysterious place and what do we know about it?

Bermuda Triangle Location

The Bermuda Triangle

This strange place has its geographical coordinates, although not precisely determined. It is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, located between Florida, the islands of Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Between 100 ships and at least 4 planes disappear in this spooky and mysterious place every year under unexplained circumstances.

Mystery breeds wonder and wonder underlies the human desire to discover it. In fact, most people refuse to believe that there is any mystery there, they assume that there is a perfectly real and logical explanation for why these sea vessels and aircraft disappear. Nevertheless, the region continues to be the subject of controversy and calls to solve the mystery. Where does it come from?

Origins of the Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The name Bermuda Triangle was given by writer Vincent Gaddis in 1964. He was writing an article for a men's magazine and coined the phrase at the time. However, the term was popularized by Charles Berlitz. He was interested in the paranormal, believed in the existence of Atlantis and even thought it was connected to the Devil's Triangle. This way, the mystery became public knowledge and the attempts to solve it do not stop. There are many theories, one stranger than the other, but one must always begin with actual documented truths, for they are the clues that lead to the truth of this mysterious phenomenon, as of any other mystery.

Known facts about the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle occupies an area between 805 thousand square kilometers and 2.5 million square kilometers, since there are no clearly defined borders. According to National Geographic, in the triangle the geographic and magnetic north poles align and make compasses an unreliable source of information.

In this triangle are some of the deepest underwater depressions on Earth. The ocean floor is 5, 700 meters in most of the area, but in the southern part it reaches even 8, 229 meters.

Anomalies are believed to have been reported as early as Columbus's time when compasses gave wrong readings as ships passed through.

The first victim of the triangle is considered to be Joshua Scam, who disappeared in 1909 on his way to South America.

There are historians who believe that Shakespeare was influenced by the riddle and wrote his play The Tempest about shipwrecks in this area.

The tragedies in the triangle that attracted the most people's attention is from 1918. Then a cargo ship 165 meters long with 300 people on board and 10 thousand tons of manganese ore sank while floating there without giving an alarm and nothing was found after searching for it.

In 1945, a tragedy occurred that gave the name Bermuda Triangle to the place. Then 5 bombers of the US Air Force disappeared without a trace in the same place. Then Vincent Gaddis wrote an article calling the place by that name.

Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle

The cases became more frequent and this gave an impetus to search for the answer. Assumptions are many and varied. Here are some of the theories.

Sunken Atlantis

According to this theory, this is where the mythical Atlantis sank. The city's power source is crystals sending waves from the depths, and they disrupt navigational equipment.

Gateway to other dimensions

Interruption of time and space, is it possible? According to the theories - yes. It is believed that there are proven anomalies, but time travel has not yet been documented with certainty. However, it is believed by some that this triangle contains remnants of time portals through which aliens pass from one dimension to another on their way to Earth.


There are also those who believe that malicious actions of people lead to the disappearance of ships and planes in this place. Such are possible military actions or pirate raids.

Geomagnetic field

The mysteries are believed to be related to geomagnetic fields, which are a potential real cause of navigational problems that cause these accidents.

The Gulf Stream

It is a river in the ocean that starts from the Gulf of Mexico, passes through Florida and the North Atlantic. It occupies an area of ​​about 70 kilometers. This current has the potential to blow a ship off course.

Caribbean storms

Bermuda Triangle

The weather in this area is unpredictable. Quite often there are hurricanes and huge waves there that can sink a ship.

The human factor

Disorientation in space and confusion in the sensors are not a frequent phenomenon, but they are still a real reason for some of the cases.

The natural gas methane

This theory seems the most realistic. Oceanographers exploring the ocean floor have discovered areas with large accumulations of methane gas. It is released from natural cracks in the bottom and turns into bubbles that expand and rise to the surface, where they explode. Then the gas rises into the air.

Which of the theories is true, there is still no consensus. However, the facts are unpleasant. At least 1, 000 lives have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle in the last 100 years. The mysterious 500-square-kilometer space continues to arouse interest and concern.

The latest research on the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon

Now the most advanced modern technology is also included in solving the mystery. Satellite images search for answers to what's going on in the Bermuda Triangle.

A new hypothesis claims that a certain type of cloud, called hexagonal, is causing the many crashes in this part of the world. These clouds differ from others in that they can create streams where the wind speed reaches 280 kilometers per hour. This dangerous phenomenon provokes ship and plane crashes.

Some clouds have the potential to reach enormous sizes, up to 80 kilometers. In this case, the waves inside the clouds are 13 meters high. The powerful turbulence that is created is especially dangerous for aircraft. The hexagonal clouds in this area are like aerial bombs, according to scientists and anything that falls into their area can be knocked down, destroyed and submerged.

The mystery has not received in response a final and unified opinion from specialists and therefore continues to be considered unsolved. And for mystery lovers, there is still another aspect of the phenomenon to ponder. This is the presence of another place in the east coast of Japan with similar characteristics. This place is known as the Devil's Sea of ​​Fishermen and has the same problem as the Bermuda Triangle. Apparently the planet has set its own traps for the inhabitants to remember that it is more powerful than all of us.